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Last Week in Node.js Working Groups - February 13, 2017

This past week in the Node.js Working Groups was pretty quiet. That said, the different projects saw some renewed activity in places that have been previously overlooked.

Weekly Highlights

  • 🔭 A potential “Canary” release stream of Node is being discussed on the Build WG repo. [Issue]
    • This release stream would be branched off of Node master with the most recent V8 patched in.
  • 💁 William Kapke, the recently elected Node.js Foundation individual board member, is creating a handbook for current and future individual board directors. [Pull Request]
  • 💬 The TSC is discussing how to best manage the Node project’s published npm modules, such as node-report, on npm. [Issue]
    • Options include using a @nodejs organization scope for all foundation packages.
  • 🚲 has been made more size-responsive for mobile devices. [Commit]
    • Additionally, coverage can now be run locally from Node master via make -j4 coverage. [Commit]

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