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Last Week in Node.js Working Groups - December 11th, 2017

The past week of activity in the Node.js project has been outstandingly strong - even with the holiday season fast approaching, the project’s contributors are outputting an immense amount of effort solving various issues, shipping new features, and discussing the future.

Check out some of the most interesting discussions and updates from last week:

News from the Working Groups

  • The CITGM team opened a placeholder issue to discuss the possibility of supporting Lerna monorepos.
  • The Diagnostics WG is discussing how they can enable better reporting from instrumented Node.js code up to APMs.
  • The Diagnostics WG is also discussing the possibility of event loop metrics, but it (unfortunately) doesn’t look like this will be landing in Node.js core soon.
  • The Diagnostics WG also created an issue to reached out and try to gather feedback around usage and performance of async_hooks.
  • The TSC and CommComm are discussing GitHub org ownership in the admin repo, specifically around enabling the Moderation Team to be org owners.
  • The Version Management team is having its first meeting, working toward kicking off work on an officially blessed path for Node.js version management.

Project Releases

  • None last week!

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