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How HomeAway uses Node.js to Scale Service

Node.js has been driving speed and iteration across the industry. Node.js has helped businesses consolidate their teams and ship in one language and one platform, both as a server-side platform that enables building out and shipping new features quickly, and as a fundamental part of the entire front-end ecosystem.

HomeAway, the leading company in the space of vacation rentals, is no exception. The team has used Node.js to consolidate their many platforms, and has found great success.

"As we build out these new experiences, we need technologies which allow us to rapidly execute them, to be able to prototype, to be able to experiment with different experiences, learn from how a user uses the platform and tune to those needs."

- Trevor Livingston, Principal Architect,

At NodeSource, we’ve worked extensively with HomeAway to support their teams using Node.js with trainings and 24/7 support as they’ve transitioned to using it extensively throughout the company.

"When we've run into issues that we didn't necessarily understand because we were new to Node.js on the server, NodeSource could help us with that. "

- Patrick Ritchie, Director of Engineering,

We just published a case study, in conjunction with HomeAway and the Node.js Foundation, about how HomeAway is using Node.js to power their current digital transformation. Check it out:

Learn how HomeAway is driving digital innovation with Node.js Download the HomeAway Case Study

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