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CPU Profiling Node.js Applications and Services with N|Solid

With Node.js applications and services, understanding where the performance bottlenecks in your applications lie is crucial to squeezing out the insane speed and reliability that Node.js offers.

Capturing CPU profiles are one way to capture and address performance bottlenecks that are truly inhibiting peak Node.js performance. Recently, we published a video on how to both manually and automagically trigger CPU profiles; you can do this for your Node.js application even while it's running in production and experiencing abnormally high CPU usage.

Check out Joe's video to see how you can use the CPU profiling functionality of N|Solid:

One Last Thing...

If you’ve got any questions about Node.js and CPU profiles, performance, or optimization, feel free to reach out to the team on Twitter at @NodeSource - we’re always interested in helping the Node.js ecosystem become more secure and reliable.

If you’d like some hands-on guidance around Node.js and improving application performance, you should take a look at our training and arch evals - we'll be able to help make your Node.js apps performant, and enable you and your team to make your Node apps fast in the long-term.