N|Solid now with arm64 support, C++ API and Event Profiler

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NodeSource brings arm64 support, C++ API and Event Profiler to N|Solid!

NodeSource is excited to announce the release of N|Solid 4.4.0 This latest release includes exciting features that users of the N|Solid Node.js Enterprise Runtime will want to understand and start utilizing right away. They include support for arm64 architecture, a C++ API (Beta), and the new Event Profiler tool.

arm64 support to N|Solid

The release of N|Solid v4.4.0 includes support for arm64 architecture. NodeSource’s customers will now be able to use all of the key monitoring tools of N|Solid with the arm64 environment on Linux, such as event loop analysis, heap snapshots, garbage collection, finding and fixing memory leaks and others.

The wide adoption of the arm architecture by companies of all sizes in different industries is facilitating its growth in usage and distribution.

In the last decade x86_64 has been the dominant architecture across Linux distributions, but recently there has been great adoption of the newer arm64 architecture. The movement of Amazon Web Services to Arm-based instances will create an alternative to their popular x86-based cloud services that is more stable and cost-effective.

As companies that use Node.js or that will soon begin building microservices with it, will be in prime position to maximize stability and performance using N|Solid when thinking about arm64 architecture. NodeSource is proud to offer arm64 compatibility in its binary linux downloads as well. Please note that N|Solid already had armv7 (armhf) support.

The introduction and growth of the arm architecture is driving more stability and performance at less cost, creating a competitive advantage for companies in a position to move in that direction. With the growth in Node.js in stacks across the globe, the technologies are combining to deliver excellent performance with a remarkable cost benefit. This new compatibility gives NodeSource’s customers a distinct advantage because now they can start planning migrations to benefit from all the advantages that this architecture provides.


With this new API, you will be able to use all the features and power of N|Solid with your own C++ code.

This native integration works at a lower level, is more performant and it doesn’t block the event loop. Using a native C++ API will allow you to configure your code as preferred, create and pause the metrics and consume it whenever necessary, generate heap snapshots or CPU profiles and use all the N|Solid metrics programmatically with no overhead.

This means, you will be able to use other APMs and still use N|Solid and gain performance in the process as it cuts down the overhead created by regular agents. So if you use the C++ addons and love the N|Solid metrics, stay tuned for an upcoming blog post!

Event Profiler

There are many different events that the N|Solid console monitors, divided into 5 types:

  1. Security Events: when new vulnerabilities are discovered within the packages of your application.
  2. Life Cycle Events: is the event that indicates when a process started or when a process exits.
  3. Assets Creation: when a new heap snapshot or CPU profile is created.
  4. Performance: indicates when a process enters as process-blocker o process-unblock
  5. System events: they are generated directly by the console, such as when integration configuration is changed, saved views and others.

Those events are being monitored in the N|Solid console and stored in the database, but not exposed in the UI. This new Event Profiler feature provides visibility over this information into a new section in the console.

Now you will be able to check all the events history and you can filter by application, by date range, by agent, by host name, by type (Life Cycle, Performance, Security, Assets, System), and by severity (High, Medium, Low).

This will provide you with more information about all the processes - not only real time information but also historical data -

Events are a critical part of monitoring Node.js applications. With the Event Profiler of N|Solid you will be able to consume it in an easier and more efficient way, in a detail and summary level.

N|Solid is now available on Chocolatey

Now you can download N|Solid v.14 (fermium) v.12 (erbium) and v.10 (dubnium) on Chocolatey packages!

Chocolatey is software management automation for Windows that wraps installers, executables, zips, and scripts into compiled packages. Chocolatey integrates w/SCCM, Puppet, Chef, and others.

You can download it here:

Download NSolid 4.4.0 here

You can download the latest version of N|Solid via http://accounts.nodesource.com or visit https://downloads.nodesource.com/ directly. To keep up to date with new product releases, new features, and all the latest with Node.js and NodeSource, follow us on twitter @nodesource.

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