Announcing NodeSource N|Solid Availability on Google Cloud Launcher

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Announcing NodeSource N|Solid Availability on Google Cloud Launcher

Today, we're excited to announce the availability of N|Solid on GCP Cloud Launcher. Cloud Launcher is an easy, one-click way to spin up solutions on the Google Cloud Platform, making it easy to try software in minutes.

Why N|Solid on Google Cloud Platform?

The N|Solid Cloud Launcher is designed to make it trivial to deploy any Node.js application to production, with the secure, reliable, and connected platform that we offer with N|Solid.

Deploy N|Solid to GCP

As a multi-VM solution, we take care of connecting multiple VMs to the N|Solid Console automatically. The "N|Solid VM runtime count" creates instances for your Node.js applications. You are free to customize the CPU, memory, and disk size to your needs for your Node.js applications.

All machines that are used to deploy N|Solid to Google Cloud Platform are running Debian 8 - this means that if you need additional software for your Node.js application, you can simply SSH into the instance and install as needed.

For more details be sure to checkout our Google Cloud Platform quick start guide.

Further Resources for Deploying with N|Solid

Beyond this basic configuration, if you want to learn more about deploying your first Node.js application with N|Solid on GCP, we've got everything you'll need to know in the N|Solid Docs.

Additionally, you'll find deep dives into the features of N|Solid - like CPU profiles, heap snapshots, and security vulnerability monitoring, and more - to ensure your Node.js applications are secure, reliable, and connected.

Want to learn more about NodeSource?

NodeSource is the Node.js Company, providing production solutions for businesses that rely on Node.js as their platform of choice. Our products include to N|Solid, the enterprise-grade Node.js console and runtime, and NodeSource Certified Modules, a tool for businesses to ensure third-party JavaScript is safe, secure, and reliable.

We also provide enterprise-grade, 24/7 Node.js support for businesses that need to ensure that they've got answers to questions when they have them.

Additionally, we offer a few services, like Architecture Evaluations for businesses that want to optimize their Node.js infrastructure and Node.js Training with our industry-leading team.

The NodeSource platform offers a high-definition view of the performance, security and behavior of Node.js applications and functions.

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