Announcing N|Solid 2.4 with Node.js 8 Compatibility & Enhanced Metrics

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Announcing N|Solid 2.4 with Node.js 8 Compatibility and Enhanced Metrics

Today, we’re excited to announce that N|Solid 2.4, the latest release of N|Solid, is generally available!

What’s new in N|Solid 2.4?

Here’s a summary of the new features that are included in N|Solid 2.4:

Node.js 8 (Carbon) LTS Official Support

N|Solid now supports Node.js 8.x "Carbon", the latest LTS release line*. N|Solid customers can now benefit from the new features in Node.js 8, including improved V8 runtime, better diagnostics, and improved Promises support. Check out our article on key features shipping in Node.js 8 LTS to see what’s new.

First-Tick CPU Profiles

Teams can benefit from deeper visibility into application behavior at startup—for instance—when experiencing inordinately long application startup times. First-tick CPU profiling enables users to automatically capture CPU profiles at application startup—before any dependencies load or application code executes. This enables users to diagnose the root cause of initialization delays, which can be caused by a variety of factors including too many dependencies or performing large read operations at startup.

Recover In-Progress CPU Profiles At Process Stop

In earlier versions of N|Solid, in-progress CPU profiles would be lost if the application shut down before the profile was complete. With N|Solid 2.4, in-progress CPU profile collections will now automatically be loaded to the console server as the N|Solid agent detects a process shutting down. This helps provide unprecedented visibility into your processes’ behavior, even when they shut down unexpectedly.

HTTP High-Level Request Performance

Eleven new metrics added in N|Solid 2.4 provide high-level information on DNS and HTTP requests handled by your application, making it easier to correlate performance metrics with impact on user experience. For example, your team can measure the impact of event loop delays on end-user experience by correlating event loop metrics with http metrics like inbound client request times.

Reduced Console Disk Usage

In N|Solid 2.4, we’ve shipped a feature that automatically downsamples historical data, performing aggregates across the data to reduce overall disk usage when high volumes of processes are reporting in. Effectively, this reduces system requirements needed for large deployments.

New to N|Solid?

If you’ve never tried N|Solid, this is a great time to do so. N|Solid is a fully compatible Node.js runtime that has been enhanced to address the needs of the Enterprise. N|Solid provides meaningful insights into the runtime process and the underlying systems.

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