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Announcing N|Solid 4.7.0

IMPORTANT: This version of N|Solid contains a new feature described below, it also includes the latest Node.js versions:

  • [NEW] Dynamic configuration & Stability Improvements

Versions: v12.22.10 (LTS), v14.19.0 (LTS) and v16.14.0 (active LTS).


NodeSource is excited to announce N|Solid v4.7.0, which introduces a new feature:

  • Dynamic configuration: Now a process configuration can be changed live directly from the console, allowing the users to turn on and off features like Tracing, StatsD connections, it is also possible to modify the tags and pause and resume metrics.

For detailed information on installing and using N|Solid, please refer to the N|Solid User Guide.

It also contains the following changes:

  • Node.js v16.14.0 (LTS): Rebase of N|Solid on Node.js v16.14.0 (LTS).
  • Node.js v14.19.0 (LTS): Rebase of N|Solid on Node.js v14.19.0 (LTS).
  • Node.js v12.22.10 (LTS): Rebase of N|Solid on Node.js v12.22.10 (LTS).
  • InfluxDB update from version 1.8 to 2.1.1

More details:
- N|Solid v4.7.0 Gallium ships with Node.js v16.14.0.

The Node.js 16 Gallium LTS release line will continue to be supported until April 30, 2024.

  • N|Solid v4.7.0 Fermium ships with Node.js v14.19.0.

The Node.js 14 Fermium LTS release line will continue to be supported until April 30, 2023.

  • N|Solid v4.7.0 Erbium ships with Node.js v12.22.10.

The Node.js 12 Erbium LTS release line will continue to be supported until April 30, 2022.

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