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A Message From the Leadership Team

A message from Joe McCann

One Team, One Dream #hashtag.

That’s been the motto since the earliest days of NodeSource, and over the course of more than 4 years it has been my pleasure to work with a talented and passionate team of individuals. It’s exciting to see how much NodeSource--and the Node.js project--have both grown.

From a scrappy, bootstrapped startup, to a Series B-funded organization with a team that spans 5 continents, customers including Intuit, Paypal, Mastercard, and Condé Nast, just to name a few, watching NodeSource evolve has been an exceptional and rare experience. I’m proud to be the Founder of this amazing venture, and extremely grateful to the team members (past and present) who are helping us realize our dream of transforming the industry.

From the very beginning of NodeSource's journey we've been always seeking to help others, and each other at NodeSource. We've been paying folks to work on the open source project, Node.js, full time, even when we were bootstrapped, as we believed so much in the project and its potential.

To this day, one of NodeSource's core values is "adding value" and we see this everyday from the work people do at the commercial level. From a 13-minute average response time to incoming customer support tickets to the work that folks like Rod Vagg, Trevor Norris, Thorsten Lorenz, Jeremiah Senkpiel, Julian Duque, Nathan White, Erin Spiceland, Bryce Baril, and many others at NodeSource do at the community level.

Whether running the actual open source project for two full years, landing new capabilities in the latest version of Node.js, to producing the latest builds for users all over the world we did it all -- and we will continue to do so. Node.js is now the fastest-growing open source project on Earth, downloaded over 250,000,000 times last year alone, has the most globally diverse set of contributors of any open source project, and none of this would have been possible without the folks at NodeSource.

The reach of our community involvement at NodeSource is truly global; many members of our engineering department can be found speaking at conferences in places like Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Germany, England, Ireland, Australia, France, Italy and all over the United States. But what really brings me joy is how many of the folks at NodeSource take time out of their days to produce workshops to teach young high school women how to code, run local Women Who Code chapters and meetups, or help young kids get started using Node.js to program robots. The desire to help people is a binding agent at NodeSource and has been critical to our success.

In my role as CEO I have to make many decisions on a daily basis. Today, just like any other day, a decision had to be made. After some deliberation, I have chosen to step down from my role as CEO of NodeSource.

For the immediate future, our highly-capable COO, and my right-hand man, Travis Adlman will serve as interim CEO.

Travis brings years of experience and wisdom to the team, and I have total confidence that he and the incredibly talented leadership team at NodeSource can help realize the ambitious goals we on the Board have set for the coming years. While I will no longer be hands-on on a daily basis, I will remain a Board Director and, as always, NodeSource's biggest fan.

A message from Travis Adlman

To start, I would like to say “Thank you” to all of the many people who have had a part in NodeSource’s success to date; from past and present team members to advisors, investors, and our amazing, forward-thinking customers.

I believe that Node.js is uniquely positioned to drive widespread change to the way people work, play, and interact. NodeSource has earned a unique position in the wider Node.js ecosystem by offering solutions that empower successful adoption in large and enterprise organizations.

While it’s easy for us to get caught up in the minute details of the technology itself, I think it’s important to remember that advances in technology have some very real-world implications. From enabling safer space exploration to securing online and mobile banking to tracking health and wellness with wearables, much of what we do has implications far beyond the borders of Silicon Valley.

When I joined the NodeSource team in 2016, it was in large part because of Joe’s passion and above all, his vision for the future of our industry. I remain committed to realizing that vision with the help of an incredible team, as well as the continued support of Joe and the rest of the Board.

I would also like to extend a hearty thanks to Joe and wish him the best in his future endeavors.

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