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Announcing N|Solid SaaS!

We are very excited to announce a SaaS option for our customers. N|Solid SaaS!

N|Solid SaaS is focused on small and medium-sized companies that want to monitor their Node.js processes with the best tooling available.

The solution includes the complete functionality of its existing licensed offering "Without the hassle of maintaining the infrastructure required to store and serve the observability data with a simplified setup where just an NPM module install and a single configuration line will be enough to connect and start monitoring Node.js application with almost zero performance cost" - Adrian Estrada VP of Engineering.

That means that now you can pay a subscription to N|Solid and get all the complete and great metrics from the runtime at an accessible cost, with minimum overhead, stronger infrastructure, and security in production. This release allows your organization to get quickly up and running with N|Solid.

N|Solid SaaS Runs on our servers. It requires communication with our infrastructure, and we manage it. You don't need to install anything, and you can configure your processes with only three steps that you can find below.

"Providing a SaaS option of N|Solid makes it possible for more companies and developers to leverage our amazing tools and build better code" Russ Whitman - NodeSource CEO

Getting Started with N|Solid SaaS

Go to the accounts portal at and sign in if you already have an account or sign up to create a new one.

There are three steps to get your account ready and running. First, you can select your SaaS plan. There are three options, and you can choose the one that adjusts better for your needs:

  1. You can have three users and monitor 4 Node.js processes per month.
  2. Or five users and monitor 8 Node.js processes per month.
  3. If you have a bigger team managing multiple processes, you can have eight users monitoring 12 processes per month!

In this case, we will select Solid8 to monitor eight processes with five users for $75 USD.

Second, you create your account. You can use Google or GitHub to authenticate or email and password.

If you are authenticating using your email, you will receive an email like the following. Next, click on the "Activate Account" button.

image (12)

Your account has been activated, and the third and last step is to connect your payment details. The payment for your subscription can be by credit card or other methods by contacting support. If you have a promo code, you can use it in this step.

Please add your credit card details. And finally, click on "Start Getting Unparalleled Insights!" to get access to all the fantastic N|Solid metrics.

SaaS Dashboard

Download & Setup

8 You will be redirected to the SaaS Dashboard. The first step is to download and set up. Here is where you can connect your process locally, using Docker or Cloud Images. You can also run a demo to get familiar with N|Solid SaaS, run your local file to start monitoring your processes or run an NPM task.


9 In licensing, you can add a new subscription, take into account that you can have multiple subscriptions []. You can also see your subscription name and N|Solid Licence key. You can connect to the console using the license key instead of the email.



Here you can generate new invitations to add new users. In addition, the users will have specific roles using RBAC (Role-Based Access Control), which empowers admins to create, define, manage and assign roles that provide access privileges to distinct user-actions or views in the NSolid Console and



In Billing, you can find your subscription plan - in this case, up to 5 collaborators, 8 N|Solid processes - you can also contact us if you need a custom plan, and you can update your credit card details.

Service Tokens


Here is where you can add a service token which is []. You can also add a new subscription.

When adding a new subscription, you will be able to choose your subscription name and plan, as you can see in the images below. You can access until [] different subscriptions. There are no individual subscriptions.

13 14

Need a helping hand?

"Our mission is to help companies to use Node.js to its fullest potential. SaaS increases the accessibility of N|Solid to a larger audience so we can help the world build better software." Russ Whitman - NodeSource CEO

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or in this form.

To get the best out of Node.js, start a free trial of N|Solid, an augmented version of the Node.js runtime, enhanced to deliver low-impact performance insights and greater security for mission-critical Node.js applications. #KnowyourNode

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