N|Solid for AWS Lambda

Low-Impact Monitoring for Node.js Serverless Functions

The N|Solid runtime is now available for Lambda functions through AWS Lambda Layers.

N|Solid for AWS Lambda is designed to offer a high-definition view of the performance and behavior of Lambda functions. Users can install and run N|Solid in place of vanilla Node.js with no code changes or instrumentation.

Free with a NodeSource Account

New! Module Risk and Security for AWS Lambda

N|Solid for AWS Lambda now provides you with clear indicators of known security issues as well as the overall risk level of packages from the npm registry used by serverless functions.

Instant visibility into overall health

Once installed, N|Solid will monitor the behavior of your functions in AWS Lambda and report function execution times, errors, and cold-starts, offering improved visibility into application behavior with minimal performance impact.

Put out fires faster with flame graphs

Access CPU profiles for a random sampling of invoked functions to diagnose performance issues and errors. Easy-to-use flame graph visualizations and detailed stack trace information help you inspect function behavior and identify problems quickly.

How to get started

  1. Create an account or sign in to access the N|Solid Amazon Resource Name (ARN) and your NodeSource license key which you'll need to link your AWS and NodeSource accounts.
  2. Create a new Lambda function with our custom Node.js layer by using the Serverless Platform or the AWS CLI and enter the ARN provided in the Downloads & Setup section of your NodeSource account.
  3. Add your NodeSource license key as an environment variable to connect your accounts and start monitoring your functions.

You can also use our Node.js layer without an account.

For more detailed instructions, view our documentation.

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