N|Solid 2.3 Improves Performance Issues and Resolution Times for Node Applications

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N|Solid 2.3 Improves Performance Issues and Resolution Times for Node Applications

SAN FRANCISCO – July 27, 2017 – NodeSource, the Node.js company, today announced the upcoming release of N|Solid 2.3 with new features enabling users to proactively monitor performance issues in their Node.js applications and significantly speed up debugging. The latest version of the N|Solid runtime includes new metrics visualizations, event loop delay notifications, and the addition of configurable webhooks-based integration for alerting. The impact of these enhancements for teams includes improved Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR) metrics and faster issue resolution times.

New features in N|Solid 2.3 provide greater visibility into Node application performance issues with deeper process-level metrics and more robust alerting and notifications features, empowering users to be more proactive in managing mission-critical Node applications.

Enhanced metrics visualization and notifications

N|Solid 2.3 expands on previous versions with new metrics visualization features. The dashboard has been enhanced to show more of the process-level metrics collected within an application, providing direct insight into event loop and garbage collection behavior and how they impact application performance.

While earlier versions of N|Solid offered email-based notifications for threshold and vulnerability alerting, N|Solid 2.3 adds webhooks-based notifications, which can be configured to send these alerts in real time to common systems such as Slack. In addition to notifications for CPU or heap thresholds and security vulnerability alerts, N|Solid 2.3 includes customizable event loop threshold alerts for improved visibility into process-level behavior.

Unlocking the event loop

Within a Node.js application, any long-term synchronous activity blocking the event loop can prevent other incoming requests from reaching the server, potentially causing an entire application to grind to a halt. N|Solid 2.3 is the only commercial product that offers real-time event loop delay alerting, which can immediately identify and expose issues which are otherwise extremely difficult to detect. Event loop delay alerts enable users to pinpoint the exact cause of delays and significantly streamline debugging/investigative cycles.

“Today’s software teams will benefit immensely from the new features and functionality in N|Solid 2.3,” said Joe McCann, CEO and founder of NodeSource. He further explained that developers can use metrics while testing their Node.js apps prior to deploying them into production, Quality Assurance (QA) teams can use these metrics to benchmark the performance of the Node.js apps during load and stress testing, and DevOps teams can then use the metrics visualization and webhooks notification features to proactively monitor Node.js apps in production.

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