NodeSource N|Solid 3.0 Released: Enhanced User Interface and Powerful New Features

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NodeSource N|Solid 3.0 Released: Enhanced User Interface and Powerful New Features

San Francisco – December 6, 2017 – NodeSource, the Node.js company, today announced N|Solid 3.0, the latest release of N|Solid, NodeSource’s flagship product. N|Solid 3.0 offers a completely redesigned user interface and a set of powerful new features that makes it easier for customers to efficiently secure, monitor and manage large-scale Node.js deployments.

Node.js is the world’s fastest-growing open source project, and, as adoption of this technology continues to expand, organizations are finding themselves managing large-scale deployments of Node. The latest improvements and feature additions in N|Solid 3.0 are designed to meet the unique challenges associated with these large-scale applications, with enhanced rendering and notifications as well as features to support a more collaborative experience across multiple teams.

The objective of Node.js is to facilitate the fast, efficient and secure building and operation of network applications. N|Solid 3.0 continues NodeSource’s commitment to layer on enhanced features and functionality to help enterprises obtain maximum value from their Node.js environments.

Joe McCann, NodeSource Founder and CEO, commented, "N|Solid 3.0 introduces more comprehensive and customizable thresholds and notifications settings as well as interface updates that make it easier to secure and monitor large-scale applications. Expanded functionality and greater flexibility empower teams to deliver peak performance and optimize infrastructure usage, while saving money."

Designed to Enhance People and Process Performance

The N|Solid 3.0 release improves dashboard rendering for large-scale deployments with thousands of processes. Previous versions of N|Solid were limited to a display of a maximum of 250 processes. In addition, the new release has enhanced thresholds and smart alerts allowing users to trigger notifications based on a defined limit on any metric collected by N|Solid.

Many of the enhancements with N|Solid 3.0 support ever-larger deployments of Node.js at large and enterprise organizations and provide more flexibility to explore Node.js metrics that no other tool can expose. Specific N|Solid 3.0 enhancements also include:

  • Improved cluster view scatter plot rendering: Provides a better user experience for teams with large-scale Node.js deployments.

  • Single-view metrics correlation and process tracing: Allows users to customize both scatter plot axis values in the application dashboard. Users can choose from among over 50 metrics to explore relationships between application data.

  • Redesigned filtering and saved views: Enables better collaboration by employed defined filters for any of the N|Solid metrics as well as saved search results.

  • Improvements to asset management: Allows all snapshot and profile assets to be downloaded, sorted, deleted, or marked as favorite.

McCann added, "N|Solid 3.0 exemplifies our commitment to constantly push the envelope that assures validation that open source, particularly the Node.js ecosystem, truly means open for business. The trick is to enhance the value of Node.js environments while respecting enterprises’ needs to optimize existing investments while securely leveraging new capabilities that provide big improvements in efficiency and effectiveness at minimal cost and accelerate time-to-value."

About NodeSource

NodeSource is a technology company dedicated to delivering enterprise-grade solutions in support of a sustainable ecosystem for the open source Node.js project. We aim to drive and expand the Node.js ecosystem by providing best-of-breed solutions that specifically target the needs of businesses deploying Node.js and JavaScript at scale. Customers include PayPal, Condé Nast, Delta Airlines, Mastercard and other progressive Node.js adopters. NodeSource is a privately-held company backed by RRE Ventures and Crosslink Capital. For more information, visit and follow @NodeSource on Twitter.

Andrew Maxwell, Senior Software Engineering Manager at GoPro, noted: "Node.js is a proven enterprise-class environment, making network applications perform rapidly and securely. N|Solid 3.0 enhances enterprise IT’s ability to manage and control their Node environments and other infrastructure investments by enabling large-scale deployments and the people responsible for them to maximize value in a world that is becoming more and more open source-centric."

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