NodeSource Launches Open Source Version of its N|Solid Runtime for Advanced Node.js Application Management

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NodeSource Launches Open Source Version of its N|Solid Runtime for Advanced Node.js Application Management

[SEATTLE, WA – October 31, 2023]NodeSource, the leader in Node.js observability, application management, monitoring, and security, today announced the open sourcing and release of its N|Solid Runtime. The runtime is a 100% compatible drop-in replacement for the vanilla Node.js runtime and supports the Open Telemetry standard. Using it, enterprises and developers can access best-in-class observability through the company's flagship N|Solid Pro product, which offers free and paid plans in either SaaS or on-prem models as well as Node.js Support.

NodeSource developed N|Solid to help software engineering teams build better, more secure software by accessing the telemetry of Node.js applications without traditional tooling’s overhead. These insights help developers identify, triage, and resolve issues faster. With this release, developers have access to advanced tooling to build and maintain their innovative software, and extend it in new and exciting ways.

“I'm thrilled to see N|Solid move to open source,” said Trevor Norris, principal architect for NodeSource. “We have seen tremendous value in helping organizations generate insights into performance from our augmented runtime. The future collaboration with the global developer community will create a brighter and more innovative future for N|Solid and set a new standard for enterprise needs.”

Node.js is one of the most revered and used technologies in the market today, powering over 30 million websites and digital experiences. NodeSource’s expert engineers have been key contributors to the open-source Node.js project and the company is a member of the OpenJS Foundation, an organization that oversees the project. Leveraging the OSS N|Solid Runtime, developers can now access key observability data about an application’s health and create new integrations into additional services with the augmented runtime.

“In the spirit of collaboration and technological advancement, we are excited to open-source N|Solid's runtime,” said Adrian Estrada, NodeSource’s VP of Engineering. “This move signifies our commitment to fostering a vibrant ecosystem where ideas flourish and solutions transcend boundaries. Together with the community, we aim to redefine the possibilities of Node.js’ performance and reliability."

N|Solid Runtime provides developers with the ability to view an application’s behavior and performance, offering the following enhancements to the Node.js runtime:

  • Robust APIs: Benefit from JavaScript and C++ APIs’ flexibility and power.
  • Monitoring Data: N|Solid allows for the transmission of a wide array of monitoring data, encompassing system metrics, Event Loop Utilization, worker threads, and numerous specialized Node.js metrics to third-party providers such as Datadog, New Relic, and Dynatrace.
  • Open Telemetry and Tracing: Send Open Telemetry compatible traces to supported third-party providers, ensuring comprehensive observability.
  • StatsD Compatibility: Transmit monitoring information using StatsD to any compatible backend.
  • Environment Variable Utilization: Use all available environment variables at runtime.
  • Manual Control over CPU Profiles and Heap Snapshots: Gain the ability to manually capture CPU profiles and heap snapshots using the JS or C++ API.

NodeSource’s team of Node.js engineers will support and extend the N|Solid Runtime and remain in lock step with the core project. Its commercial enterprise product customers will continue to use this runtime.

For more details on the open source version of N|Solid, you can read NodeSource’s blog post detailing the launch here: To learn more about the Open JS Foundation, please visit

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