NodeSource® N|Solid 2.0 - Secure, Reliable, and Extensible Node.js

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NodeSource® N|Solid 2.0 - Secure, Reliable, and Extensible Node.js

The latest release of N|Solid release helps users increase developer productivity, protect critical applications, and achieve peak application performance.

San Francisco, CA – October 20, 2016 – NodeSource, the Enterprise Node Company™, today announced the 2.0 release of N|Solid™, the enterprise-grade Node.js® platform that enables a secure, reliable, and extensible platform for Node.js applications.

Adoption of JavaScript and Node.js as a part of the global trend toward digital transformation has been on a steep curve – up 375 percent year over year. Developers have embraced the ability to quickly develop and run code anywhere, yet that agility and efficiency must be achieved through a mature development and deployment environment.

NodeSource N|Solid v2.0 is a major step forward in the platform of choice for running Node.js applications. NodeSource has delivered incredible improvements to Node.js DevOps productivity with improved security capabilities that extend existing policy controls giving team unprecedented control. Companies rely on NodeSource for as the leader of the open source Node.js project. All backed by world-class support and a team dedicated to the success of every Node.js user.

N|Solid v2.0 extends NodeSource’s leadership position as the platform of choice for Node.js due to its extensibility. DevOps teams can easily trigger actions based on smart thresholds to automate error reporting. Real-time metrics provide valuable insights into the runtime state of Node.js applications and are easily integrated with StatsD, Datadog and other Application Performance Management (APM) systems.

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“At NASA, mission-critical code is the rule, not the exception. Our astronauts put their lives in the hands of our software on every mission. N|Solid features like Runtime Introspection and the ability to orchestrate multiple instances from within the N|Solid Management Console have allowed us to develop, test, and deploy our code more efficiently than ever before — all without adding additional DevOps or engineering resources to our team. As we transition from a legacy environment to a modern Node-based architecture, N|Solid, along with the support of NodeSource, is proving invaluable by allowing us to scale rapidly while staying focused on our core mission.”


Node.js applications are built with a wide variety of tools, systems, and packages. With N|Solid v2.0, ensuring that applications built with Node.js are strictly hardened against the suite of possible vulnerabilities and exploits exposed by these dependencies is a simplified task. Businesses can rely on the built-in security features that N|Solid offers, including runtime package vulnerability monitoring, customizable application security policies, and 24-hour guaranteed response to security updates in the core Node.js project.


Node.js applications have the possibility to outperform monolithic applications. With N|Solid 2.0, businesses can actively identify and address any performance bottlenecks or production problems that their Node.js applications hit, with features such as CPU profiling, heap snapshots, and async activity.

N|Solid is backed by 24/7 product support from NodeSource, which has an industry- and community-leading team of Node.js developers from around the world to ensure that N|Solid is the most stable, robust, and dependable production platform for Node.js applications.


Node.js applications can be augmented with additional, external tooling for performance monitoring, diagnostic metrics, and much more. With N|Solid 2.0, the Node.js applications toolset available to businesses are instantly and effortlessly expanded with the N|Solid threshold monitoring and alerts, real-time application metrics, and integration tooling for APM and other monitoring tools.

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