NodeSource N|Solid v1.3 Enhances Security for Node.js

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NodeSource N|Solid v1.3 Enhances Security for Node.js

San Francisco, CA – May 4, 2016 – NodeSource, the Enterprise Node Company™, today announced the latest update to N|Solid™, the enterprise-grade Node.js® platform that helps developers, operations teams and security staff build, run and manage Node.js at scale.

Enterprise adoption of JavaScript and Node.js has been on a steep curve – up 375 percent year over year. Developers have embraced the ability to quickly develop and run code anywhere, yet that agility and efficiency must be achieved through a mature development and deployment environment.

N|Solid v1.3 extends the capabilities of Node.js to provide increased developer productivity, peak application performance and protection of critical applications. (See related release NodeSource Announces $10 Million Series A Funding to Continue Expanding Enterprise Node.js Products, Services, and Support Production Monitoring)

"One of the reasons Node.js has become so popular with developers and enterprises is its ability to modularize applications into more manageable collections of services,” said Stephen O'Grady, Principal Analyst and co-founder at Redmonk. “However, composability can pose challenges for businesses in reliability and security, and it is this challenge that N|Solid was built to address."

Platform Security

Developing in Node.js implies use of its rich, but vulnerable package ecosystem. N|Solid leverages a policy-based security mechanism that provides control over module usage and can enforce secure memory allocations at runtime. This prevents accidental data exposure and unauthorized code from accessing the underlying system. The system directly examines running code for known package vulnerabilities, with no need to access code repositories or make changes to deployment workflows. Straightforward alerts provide meaningful notifications when exposure levels change.

A streamlined security view provides awareness across the entire environment – including which third-party modules have been modified – allowing users to understand which applications and processes are exposed to vulnerabilities, and to visually track remediation progress across the application environment.

Production Monitoring

N|Solid provides a single place to view detailed information about Node.js applications. Interactive visualizations and powerful workflows offer valuable insight into application behavior, while flexible tagging allows users to quickly drill-down into hundreds of processes and hosts for more detailed information. In addition, StatsD support enables N|Solid metrics to be surfaced in existing monitoring solutions for easy event correlation.

Performance Analysis

N|Solid enables single-click CPU profiling and heap snapshots that allow developers to rapidly identify and resolve production issues without code modification. An intuitive visual interface allows users to set and monitor performance thresholds, as well as collection frequency and email alerts. Deep introspection provides meaningful insight into the runtime process and underlying systems, including in-flight asynchronous event processing, CPU/memory utilization and host load. This forensic data can be analyzed directly in the N|Solid Console to quickly triage issues that cause poor application behavior.

“Node.js now plays a critical role in the technology stack of the world’s most high-profile companies, from manufacturing and retail to hospitality, financial services, social networking and more,” said Dan Shaw, CTO and co-founder at NodeSource. “This latest release of N|Solid gives enterprises better visibility and control over their Node.js environments so they can deploy more agile, effective and competitive business applications.”

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