NodeSource N|Solid v2.2 Released: Node App Data Integration for statsd-compliant Systems

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NodeSource N|Solid v2.2 Released: Node App Data Integration for statsd-compliant Systems

Streamlined integration of Node.js application data to team workflows easier than ever

San Francisco – June 8, 2017 – NodeSource, the Node.js company, today announced the release of N|Solid v2.2. The new version of the popular open source enterprise software allows users to send Node application data directly to any statsd-compliant system, with a much simpler configuration setting.

The N|Solid runtime is a drop-in replacement for open source Node. It enables deep insight into Node.js apps by capturing highly detailed performance data--including metrics not available to teams using the open source Node.js runtime.

The N|Solid v2.2 release adds streamlined integration with statsd-compliant systems, making it easy to send Node application data out to existing monitoring or reporting systems. Teams can now integrate Node application data with existing metrics infrastructure while still taking advantage of the unique N|Solid features.

N|Solid hardens Node.js with package monitoring, policies and 24-hour security response. It enables more performant Node.js applications with CPU profiling, heap snapshots and async activity and extends Node.js with thresholds, real-time metrics, and monitoring integrations.

Ease-of-Use and Enhancing Performance

Given scarce IT budgets and resources, enterprises cannot afford to strand investments in proven solutions yet must be vigilant to leverage new capabilities that provide big improvements in efficiency and effectiveness at minimal cost. As a result, while most enterprises have existing infrastructure to collect, analyze and visualize metrics, N|Solid v2.2 provides an attractively priced and easy way to integrate Node-specific metrics that only N|Solid can provide with any statsd-compliant platform, including popular tools such as Graphite, DataDog, AWS CloudWatch, and Google/GCP Stackdriver. Organizations currently running Node can swap in the N|Solid v2.2 runtime and have access to data they can’t already get or don’t already have, without a long implementation cycle or changes to existing application code.

Ease-of-use and the desire to expand extensibility were priorities in this latest release. N|Solid versions prior to v2.2 could be configured to dispatch metrics as well, but doing so involved a relatively complex and manual process. Starting with the v2.2 launch, this is highly streamlined and allows customers to start seeing and using application data faster.

This latest update allows users to start collecting more detailed metrics without the added step of configuring the N|Solid console or manual integration with external systems. Teams can now maintain existing workflows and monitoring/reporting infrastructure without disruption while fully leveraging all of the N|Solid features.

Joe McCann, NodeSource Founder and CEO, commented, "N|Solid v2.2 represents our commitment to constantly pushing the envelope to enhance and expand the Node.js ecosystem and its value to enterprises. By making it simple and cost-effective to directly send data to statsd-compliant systems, we have made it easier and faster for Node.js teams to obtain deep and actionable insights, increasing the time-to-value while simultaneously ensuring the security of their efforts."

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