NodeSource connects with customers and enterprise leaders to discuss Node.js at its latest Customer Council

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NodeSource connects with customers and enterprise leaders to discuss Node.js at its latest Customer Council

Seattle – Jun. 28, 2021– NodeSource, Inc hosted its annual event last week with a diverse group of customers and selected companies that leverage Node.js as a critical part of their digital landscape. Together everyone participated in a dynamic discussion on technical talks such as Open Tracing, NCM - Package Vulnerabilities, C++ API, and feature development within N|Solid, including its new SaaS offering.

“These sessions are great opportunities to connect and share with our customers and companies in the Node.js ecosystem, shared by Russ Whitman, NodeSource CEO, the content from our incredible team is always amazing, as are the conversations with the group.”

Attendees were able to see presentations by top Node.js experts and key project contributors. Adrian Estrada, VP of Engineering at NodeSource, presented N|Solid roadmap and SaaS. “Our roadmap includes the implementation of new APM features while maintaining the industry best performance KPI’s compared with other solutions, helping our customers to avoid performance issues while observing Node.js.” - Adrian said - “Keeping our promise to be the most performant and secure way to provide observability and monitoring for Node.js applications.”

Santiago Gimeno, Senior Software Architect at NodeSource, spoke on Distributed Tracing and Open Telemetry, including what it is and its importance, a bit of history, architecture, anatomy, lifetime of a span, context, and propagation of API, among others. Then he presented that Distributed Tracing is coming to N|Solid! Including auto-instrumentation of http transactions and dns requests. You will be able to visualize the data of Open Tracing in the N|Solid console!

Giovanny Gongora, Senior Software Engineer at NodeSource, explored the value of our security tool, NCM, and its capabilities to detect package vulnerabilities that can cause harm to Node.js applications “NCM provides you and your teams with actionable insights into the risk levels that are present in your use of third-party packages” he talked about criteria/rules for scoring packages, resolving an insecure dependency and a demo on how to use it.

In the final talk, Juan Jose Arboleda, Senior Software Engineer led the discussion on N|Solid C++ API as a great way of consuming N|Solid. He also presented JS API and did a very entertaining live coding demo at the end.

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NodeSource is a technology company dedicated to delivering enterprise-grade solutions to support a sustainable ecosystem for the open-source Node.js project. We aim to drive and expand the Node.js ecosystem by providing best-of-breed solutions that specifically target the needs of businesses deploying Node.js and JavaScript at scale. Customers include PayPal, Visa, Intuit, Uber, Mastercard, and other progressive Node.js adopters. For more information, visit and follow @NodeSource on Twitter.