Nodesource connects with customers and enterprise leaders to discuss Node.js at its latest Customer Council

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Nodesource connects with customers and enterprise leaders to discuss Node.js at its latest Customer Council

Seattle – Nov. 2, 2020– NodeSource, LLC hosted an event last week with a group of customers, Node.js insiders, and select companies that leverage node as a critical part of their digital landscape. Together everyone participated in a three hour discussion on the current state of Node and feature development within NSolid.

“We value these sessions with a relatively small group, it allows us to go deep and get immediate reaction with our customers and other technology leaders in the ecosystem” said Jason Co, NodeSource GM, “The learnings from our customer councils are always an opportunity for us to learn and give back to our community”.

Attendees were treated to presentations by top Node.js experts and key project contributors. Trevor Norris, Principal Product Software Engineer at NodeSource, presented on Event Loop Insights and Analytics. “Over the last year we've been working to uncover what information the event loop can tell us about the overall health of a process without needing to observe any application-specific metrics” Norris said.

Nathan White, Senior Engineer at NodeSource, spoke on Observability risks and limitations within Node.js. Different observability methods were discussed to understand implementation, accuracy and the impacts on performance and development velocity.

In the final discussion, Norris led the group on a discussion and demonstration of Worker Threads. The world of worker threads is relatively new in Node, and almost contradictory to the "single-threaded nature" that defines Node.js. Despite this, Workers are a new powerful tool that can improve responsiveness and make the process more fault tolerant. The group discussed how to properly utilize Workers to handle data processing and server requests.

About NodeSource, LLC

NodeSource, LLC is a technology company dedicated to delivering enterprise-grade solutions in support of a sustainable ecosystem for the open source Node.js project. We aim to drive and expand the Node.js ecosystem by providing best-of-breed solutions that specifically target the needs of businesses deploying Node.js and JavaScript at scale. Customers include PayPal, Visa, Intuit, Uber, Mastercard and other progressive Node.js adopters. For more information, visit and follow @NodeSource on Twitter.