Announcing N|Solid SaaS

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Announcing N|Solid SaaS

Seattle – Jul. 22, 2021– NodeSource, Inc is very excited to announce a SaaS option for our customers. N|Solid SaaS!

N|Solid SaaS is focused on small and medium-sized companies that want to monitor their Node.js processes with the best tooling available.

With N|Solid SaaS, you don’t need to install, run or update software applications on your computer (or any computer). Everything is available and taken care of over the cloud when you log in to your account online.

You can access the software from any device, anytime (as long as there is an internet connection) and for a monthly subscription fee – and you’ll have access to get the best APM for Node.js without any performance overhead.

The solution includes the complete functionality of its existing licensed offering "Without the hassle of maintaining the infrastructure required to store and serve the observability data with a simplified setup where just an NPM module install and a single configuration line will be enough to connect and start monitoring Node.js application with almost zero performance cost" - Adrian Estrada VP of Engineering.

That means that now you can pay a subscription to N|Solid and get all the complete and great metrics from the runtime at an accessible cost, with minimum overhead, stronger infrastructure, and security in production. This release allows your organization to get quickly up and running with N|Solid at minimal upfront cost.

N|Solid SaaS runs on our servers. It requires communication with our infrastructure, and we manage it. You don't need to install anything, and you can configure your processes with only three steps that you can find in this blog post.

"Providing a SaaS option of N|Solid makes it possible for more companies and developers to leverage our amazing tools and build better code" Russ Whitman - NodeSource CEO

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