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What's New in N|Solid 3.4.4 - Jan 2019 Release

We're excited to kick off a brand new year with some useful improvements and updates to N|Solid.

N|Solid Runtime v3.4.4

As always, the latest version of N|Solid includes changes that have recently landed in Node.js LTS release lines; in this case, specifically v10.14.2 and v10.14.1. Changes to the N|Solid runtime in 3.4.4 also include some stability improvements related to our recent launch of N|Solid for AWS Lambda. A cleanup to logging for API methods and upgrades to custom error handling round out the list of changes in this version of the N|Solid runtime.

The Node.js v10.14.2 and v10.14.1 releases included several notable updates, including:

  • An upgrade to c-ares v1.15.0
  • Windows-related fixups:
    • Revert changes to installer causing issues on Windows systems
    • A crashing process will now show the names of stack frames if the node.pdb file is available.

The full changelogs for these Node.js releases, along with attributions, can be found here:

LTS Versions

The N|Solid runtime is available for all currently-supported LTS release lines in Node, including v10.x (Dubnium), v8.x (Carbon), and v6.x (Boron).

  • Node.js v10.x (Dubnium): N|Solid v3.4.4 ships with Node.js v10.14.2; this is the active release line and will be supported until April 2021
  • Node.js v8.x (Carbon): N|Solid v3.4.4 Node.js v8.14.0; release line is in maintenance and will be supported until December 2019
  • Node.js v6.x (Boron): N|Solid v3.4.4 ships with Node.js v6.15.1; maintenance for this release is scheduled to end in April 2019.

N|Solid for AWS Lambda

Added support for the new Stockholm Region

Support for AWS’s newly-announced Stockholm region has been added to N|Solid for AWS Lambda. Users can now select ‘EU (Stockholm) Region’ from the list of regions when selecting their layer version ARN in the getting started screen:
Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 11.54.32 AM

Outdated flag for outdated runtime layer

Users are now able to see if the N|Solid runtime layer, powering their Lambda functions, is outdated. Each function will now display an outdated flag if a newer version of the N|Solid runtime layer has been made available.

Histogram responsiveness

The histogram visualization has been adapted to support screen sizes smaller than 1400 px. This now improves the usability of N|Solf for AWS Lambda on screens that are only 1280px wide (i.e. laptop sizes 13" or smaller).
Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 2.46.46 PM

Invocation lists enhanced sortability

Invocation lists are now sortable by Errors, Cold Starts and Profiles.

Cloudwatch log update

The Cloudwatch log update is taking advantage of a start and end filter, which leads to Cloudwatch displaying more finely tuned logs for the requisite timeframe displayed in N|Solid for AWS Lambda.

Overlapping error and cold start indicators in the histogram

If an error and cold start occur within a similar timeframe, the histogram will now stack and display both red and blue indicator-bars inside the requisite invocation bucket.

CPU profiles will include work done during the cold start init phase

An enhancement to N|Solid for AWS Lambda's CPU profiles will soon include work done during the cold start init phase, providing a richer profile data.


It is now clearer which organization users have been invited to. A message indicating the user-account said invitation was meant for will now appear on the invitee’s login screen.

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