Need to Node: React.js and Universal JavaScript Applications with Tim Oxley

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Need to Node: React.js and Universal JavaScript Applications with Tim Oxley

It's not uncommon to hear the cursing of "JavaScript" for making websites inexplicably slow to load, buggy, taxing on system resources and delivering an degraded overall user-experience. The sad irony of these complaints is that many applications adopted JavaScript-heavy "fat client" architectures in order to take advantage of their expanded opportunities to improve the user-experience.

The fact that many modern applications are failing to deliver on this is not particularly surprising – front-end development is a deceptively tricky problem space, in no small part thanks to the additional internal & external state that needs to be managed. Front-end developers desperately need to step up their game if end-users & customers regularly feel they would be receiving a better and faster experience if all the front-end development was simply disabled.

By combining the best of client-side rendering with the best of server-side rendering, React and Universal JavaScript can help overcome many of the complexities of assembling client-side applications, while helping to deliver an optimal & streamlined end-user experience. Find out how in the upcoming Need to Node: React.js and Universal JavaScript Applications webinar Wednesday, December 16th at 3pm PT.
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Tim Oxley, is an Australian Node.js and front-end developer currently living in Singapore. A very active member of the Open Source community, he has a passion for teaching JavaScript and Node.js. He organizes the popular CampJS community conference in Australia and the SingaporeJS meet up group.

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