N|Solid 2.3 ships - Node.js Event Loop Delay Alerting and Webhooks

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N|Solid 2.3 ships with Event Loop Delay Alerting and Webhooks Integration

Today, we're excited to announce that N|Solid 2.3, the latest release of N|Solid, is generally available!

N|Solid 2.3 comes packed with new features like webhooks integrations, new metrics visualizations, and event loop delay alerting, enabling faster issue resolution for N|Solid users.

These latest improvements provide greater visibility into Node application performance issues at the process level, and empower users to proactively manage mission-critical Node applications, in line with our commitment to helping our customers achieve operational excellence through peak application performance.

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What's new in N|Solid 2.3?

Here's a summary of the new features that are included in N|Solid 2.3:

Notifications sent via WebHooks and Slack:

With the addition of our webhooks integration, you can now send N|Solid notifications directly to your preferred communication platform - including directly into Slack!

This new option lets you respond quickly when resource-related thresholds (CPU, heap, event loop) are exceeded, and when new security vulnerabilities are detected within your Node.js application. Learn how easy it is to set up webhook integrations here.

Event Loop and Garbage Collection Metrics Visualization:

Event Loop and Garbage Collection metrics are now included in the process-level metrics section for your application within the N|Solid dashboard.

These metrics give you more detailed insight into application behavior and health, making it easier to identify memory-related performance issues earlier and debug faster. A detailed description of all N|Solid metrics can be found here.

Event Loop Delay Alerting:

Any long-term, synchronous activity blocking the Node.js event loop can prevent other incoming requests from reaching the server, potentially leading to an application outage.

N|Solid is now the only commercial tool that offers event loop delay alerts in real time. You can now trigger a notification any time the event loop is delayed beyond your specified threshold. The alert includes detailed stack trace information, allowing you to pinpoint the cause of the delay and resolve it in seconds.

New to N|Solid?

If you've never tried N|Solid, this is a great time to do so. N|Solid is a fully compatible Node.js runtime that has been enhanced to address the needs of the Enterprise. N|Solid provides meaningful insights into the runtime process and the underlying systems. Click here to start a free trial today!

As always, we're happy to hear your thoughts – feel free to get in touch with our team or reach out to us on Twitter at @nodesource.

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