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N|Solid v4 - now with Windows support

Node.js Enterprise (N|Solid) is now available for Windows 10 🎉.

With N|Solid v4 we reimagined some of the runtime’s internals. This not only introduces support for Windows 10 (BETA) but lays the groundwork to provide the most performant, secure and observable version of Node.js in scaled production anywhere.

Seamless upgrade path for existing customers

New Architecture - same experience: Under the hood N|Solid v4’s new architecture introduces a more intelligent approach to help you develop, scale, diagnose and observe Node.js applications across all prefered deployment venues in a microservices-world.

Because we want to bring our existing customers along on this journey, this first version focuses on delivering a seamless upgrade path by providing stable feature parity with N|Solid v3.

For our existing users, nothing changes. N|Solid v4 features the exact same deployment, security, user and customer experience compared with N|Solid v3.

However, we are rapidly introducing new ways to monitor, scale and observe your Node.js applications at scale in future versions.

What’s new in N|Solid v4?

The latest version of N|Solid features an enhanced architecture, optimized for performance, security and diagnostics.

The runtime’s latest version comes with the following upgrades:

  • BETA support for the Windows 10 operating systems.
  • Complete backwards compatibility with N|Solid v3.x.x.
  • New native API that permits rapid introduction of new metric destinations and communication protocols based on customer needs
  • Capability to support new scaling paradigms specific to Node.js.

N|Solid v4 was designed for modular expansion facilitating support for new and exciting features we are introducing in the coming weeks ahad. This includes wider array of preferred deployment venues, increased performance and observability paradigms. N|Solid 4 is more flexible, significantly more light-weight, can be laterally integrated into almost any monitoring system and is capable of supporting a wider variety of deployment venues.

New Features and Difference to N|Solid v3.x.x.?

Out of the box, N|Solid v4 features complete feature parity with N|Solid v3. Its native API now permits NodeSource to introduce new communication layers, meeting customer’s unique deployment and integrations into third-party tooling.

The runtime’s new architecture further introduces BETA support for Windows 10 operating systems. This permits users to run N|Solid v4.x.x on Windows 10, which is especially useful for testing in development.

The new architecture also facilitates true worker thread monitoring, which will be exposed in a future update, something that remains unavailable through traditional monitoring tooling/ methods.

Getting started with N|Solid v4

N|Solid v4 works just like N|Solid v3. Users can sign up for a fre license and deploy the runtime via basic environmental or file-based configuration (see docs [here]). You can simply run your Node.js application on the N|Solid binary which requires zero code-modification to provide its granular performance, security, and diagnostic insights.

Users can visit accounts.nodesource.com to download the N|Solid binary and secure a free, advanced or enterprise license.

The NodeSource platform offers a high-definition view of the performance, security and behavior of Node.js applications and functions.

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