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N|Solid 1.1. Enterprise Node. Finally. Now with Long Term Support

In September we launched N|Solid, our flagship product and have received enthusiastic response from enterprise Node.js developers, ops teams and the technology executives that lead those teams. N|Solid represents NodeSource’s collective knowledge and expertise delivered as an enterprise-focused platform, tuned for running Node.js applications at scale. Running applications at scale necessitates predictability. N|Solid v1.1 aligns with the Long Term Support (LTS) plan for Node.js that we helped define and actively support in the LTS Working Group of the Node.js Foundation.

Long Term Support for Mission Critical Applications

The Node.js v4 LTS release line, codenamed “Argon”, represents the first ever Long Term Support release line for the Node.js project. Enterprises finally have the predictable release horizon they need to confidently use Node.js in production across normal release cycles with guaranteed consistency of both API and ABI interfaces. With Node.js as the fastest growing applications platform and with the largest ecosystem, LTS Support and NodeSource products deliver confidence and risk protection in this vibrant ecosystem. N|Solid was purpose-built to align with the Node.js Long Term Support so NodeSource can deliver our enterprise customers the reliability and predictability they need.

World-class Node.js Support from NodeSource

NodeSource delivers industry-leading products, services and support for Node.js. Our support offering — N|Support — covers all of your team’s Node.js needs. With N|Support, your entire team is covered end-to-end in the development process from concept, prototype, staging and production. You can rely on NodeSource’s expertise and experience to ensure you take full advantage of all that the platform has to offer.

When it’s time to really scale your Node.js deployment, N|Solid makes it easy to gain unrivalled insight into runtime state by being able to quickly pinpoint computationally expensive code and identify memory leaks. N|Solid enables operations and development teams to work together with robust tooling that’s previously been unavailable for Node.js. CIOs can now build policy and manage their Node.js technology stack in line with expectations across other platforms. All backed by world-class 24x7 NodeSource product support.

Predictable Release Schedule

The N|Solid release schedule is tuned for operational efficiency. While new Node.js LTS release lines are made available every 12 months ongoing releases throughout, N|Solid releases occur quarterly. Your application code is sacred and we’ve tuned N|Solid’s release cadence for the right balance of security and predictability. With the notable exception of this release, out-of-band N|Solid releases only happen when there is a critical security patch. We release all security patches to N|Solid within 24 hours of the Node.js release, and usually much sooner than that. N|Solid is the rock-solid foundation for your code and will be there for you for years to come.

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