NodeSource at AWS Summit London 2018

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NodeSource at AWS Summit London 2018

Next week, the NodeSource team will be headed out to AWS Summit: London. We’ve been to quite a few AWS Summits in the US, so this will be our first attendance at one of the international events!

The NodeSource team will be around to talk about the intersection of Node.js, AWS, and large-scale deployments. Make sure to stop by the NodeSource booth to talk shop and learn how we can help you improve your experience deploying and monitoring Node.js applications living on AWS!

Prep Time: Node.js on AWS with N|Solid

We’ve recently shipped a couple major things you may find rather interesting - one to allow you to deploy Node.js applications with N|Solid on AWS and the other cloud providers, and one to N|Solid itself.

Deploy N|Solid to AWS with CloudFormation Templates

With the release of N|Solid 3.1, we announced some changes to our default deployment methods for each of the cloud major providers. In the case of AWS, we’ve created CloudFormation templates that allow you to deploy the latest version of N|Solid to AWS instantly.

If you’re interested, be sure to take a look at our announcement post or just get your hands dirty and deploy N|Solid to AWS instantly.

We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about Node.js on AWS with N|Solid at the event, or on Twitter at @NodeSource if you can’t make it!

N|Solid 3.1 with Enhanced Heap Snapshots and More

We also recently announced N|Solid 3.1, which shipped a suite of features including cross-process snapshot diffing, PII-redacted snapshots, logarithmic and exponential scaling for the process view, and user-managed InfluxDB instances.

If you’re interested in more details about the N|Solid 3.1 release, take a peek at our announcement blog post or ask us in-person at AWS Summit Berlin!

Get Your AWS Summit: Berlin Tickets now!

As always, we’re excited to head to the event and meet AWS + Node.js users in the London area. If you’d like to come and say hello to the team, AWS Summits are entirely free events. Be sure to register soon before tickets run out.

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