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NodeSource Announces N|Support

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Premium Node.js Support for the Enterprise

Enterprise IT departments are eager to embrace the speed, flexibility, and developer efficiency of Node.js. However, while developers are enjoying the innovation that Node.js inspires, DevOps and operations teams are straining to provide the same level of predictability and quality of service for the Node runtime as they do for legacy platforms like Java and .NET. Add to that the nuances and complexities of Node.js as a new generation, open source technology and some IT organizations can get hung up at different points in the application lifecycle.

This is where NodeSource, and more specifically N|Support, comes in.

What is N|Support?

N|Support is a premium support offering for Node.js developers, DevOps and IT operations teams. N|Support leverages NodeSource’s growing knowledge base and in-house engineering expertise, our active involvement in the Node.js community, and our experience training and working alongside our enterprise customers.

N|Support is available in three subscription plans:

  • N|Support Developer focuses on installation, configuration and general usage of Node.js in a development environment
  • N|Support Standard extends that support into production environments
  • N|Support Enterprise adds 24x7 enterprise-class support with multiple contact methods and includes a designated support engineer.

To learn more about our N|Support offerings, check out the N|Support solution page.

When is N|Support Needed?

Our experience working with enterprise customers has made it clear that companies need differing levels of support depending on where they are on the Node Maturity Curve. We concluded that there were three main inflection points where the progress of enterprise teams can stall:

Creating critical mass

In the beginning phases of Node adoption, it is critical to arm your developers with a friction free experience when diving into the platform. It is also important to evolve the DevOps and IT Ops teams so that they can provide a stable Node.js runtime environment for newly minted Node.js innovations.

Becoming a professional Node.js operation

Once an organization has made a commitment to Node development, enterprise IT shops must put more robust processes behind the application lifecycle and the production runtime. Having an professional support team with experience in developing and deploying successful Node.js projects reinforces enterprise development, build and operations teams.

Operating at scale

When your Node aspirations put you in the position of serving a large scale user base (think thousands to millions), your Node.js operation has become a different animal. Not only must you develop strategies to scale the technology, but you must also scale your organization.

NodeSource: Experience and Expertise

The NodeSource N|Support team and I take pride in the fact that N|Support is now open for business. The mission and inclination of everyone at NodeSource is to facilitate the adoption of Node.js in the enterprise. Up until today, we have done that by committing code, participating in community activities, and working - both physically and virtually - side by side with enterprise developers and ops teams.

Like the Node.js community as a whole, enterprise Node shops want to move quicker and scale to new heights. Today, we are ready and eager to support them.

To engage the N|Support team, please reach out to us at

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