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Node Summit Recap

Node Summit 2016 had a phenomenal showing of the range of diverse uses of Node in production. These ranged from successful startup to world-class enterprise. Node Summit 2016 also extensively included and examined the community aspects of Node - one of the most important and vital components to the overall, wide-ranging success of Node as a platform.

Here is our brief recap of the event, as well as some of our favorite insights from Twitter during the conference.

Day 0

N|Solid Deployment for Kubernetes - Will Blankenship and Nate White announced a deployment option for NodeSource's N|Solid product, allowing all the features of N|Solid to be integrated with Kubernetes clusters, and gave a hands-on workshop on how to deploy and use the two together.

Day 1

  • Node is being applied at NASA - Collin Estes from MRI technologies came and gave an amazingly inspirational talk about how Node is being used at NASA.
  • The Future of Node.js - Rod Vagg discussed where Node.js is going, and what we can expect from it in the future.
  • Node.js at Disney - Node is powering some key systems at Disney, and Adam Eivy gave us a brief idea of how.
  • Node.js Community Panel - Dan Shaw took part in the Community panel - the panel's members discussed how the Node community is crucial to the success of Node.
  • Leveraging Node.js Across the IoT Landscape - Ben Sabrin moderated the IoT panel, which explored many of the challenges and opportunities of using Node with IoT.
  • The Business of Node.js - Joe McCann discussed how the ecosystem around Node is based on 5 key components: applications, APIs, desktop, devices, and tooling.
  • Increasing the Candidate Pool with Developer Bootcamps - Bryan Hugues discussed how new developers from bootcamps can be an asset to companies if the company culture is made to be compatible.

Day 2

  • Everybody Needs APIs - Jeremiah Lee was a part of this community panel on APIs, which discussed APIs in Node.js and the creation and consumption of them.
  • Getting To Green: Node.js Core Testing - Rich Trott talked about how the Node.js core team builds to stability, and is always looking to improve test quality and coverage.
  • Step One in Digital Transformation - Dan Shaw discussed the first step for enterprises to begin moving away from monolithic applications to Node-based infrastructures.
  • Building a Business Ecosystem Platform Using Node.js - VP of Product Development and the Lead Application Developer from ADP discussed the enormous platform they've built, using Node in several significant parts - it's become a choice pick for developing at ADP.
  • Examining Asynchronous Mechanics - Trevor Norris discussed the origins of AsyncWrap, that the API must be finished and be published by the time v6.x goes LTS, and what the planned API is - if that deadline is not met, it will be removed.

Phenomenal insights from Node Summit

Node @NASA

NodeSource announced N|Solid deployment with Kubernetes

ChakraCore Available on Linux (and OS X)

Almost 2tb of data processed with Google Big Data in under 2 minutes. is almost entirely Node

Yahoo has 1.4m requests going through Node.js per hour

We met people from a very diverse range of companies who are using Node, including ADP, Brightcove,, Disney, Dynatrace, Fitbit, Google, IBM, Intuit, LDS Church, McLaren Applied Technologies, Microsoft, MLS Soccer, Netflix, Newscorp Australia, OpenTable, Paypal, Qualcomm Life, Target, Walmart, WB Games, and Wenner Media

It's astounding to see the growth Node has gained at so many different companies, spanning a wide range of industries with an assortment of different uses. We are looking forward to seeing where these companies take Node, and how we can help them.

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