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Is the New JavaScript era coming?

The TypeScript team announced a collaboration to a new proposal for the JavaScript language, written by Gil Tayar, that I was amazed by. In Gil's words: "It seems that people love types based" according to the StateOfJS 2021 survey.


StateOfJS 2021 survey -

The main idea is to create a language type-checking system that doesn't change how JavaScript is interpreted by the browsers and engines such as the V8 on Node.js

This system wouldn't need any additional build steps; thus you write code and get instant feedback from the code editing environment you've been using.

You'll be able to write safer code and improve the editors' IntelliSense without changing how your code is executed on your current apps.

Well, many people don't like to define data types when coding explicitly. Still, I think that this would avoid going back and forth, guessing what you should use on a function, going to the libraries docs to figure out what function you should call, and mainly, to avoid errors in the production environment such as "undefined is not a function."

This proposal will also work with JavaScript supersets such as TypeScript, Flow, and others without any other build or transpile step.


Graphic TypeScript blog-

I liked it most because it'd improve how the IntelliSense works on editors such as VSCode, Sublime Text and make us even more assertive and productive when coding.

I think there's something good coming from this proposal. However, it's just on its first submission stage, so we shouldn't be so excited about it as we can't certainly say that the proposal will be approved.

Now, please tell me in the comments your thoughts about this idea.

Do you think JavaScript needs a type-checking system? Follow the conversation here


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