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N|Solid v1.2 - monitoring Node.js at scale

N|Solid v1.2 adds new functionality that greatly simplifies monitoring Node at scale across your environment. The N|Solid Console allows teams to quickly identify and focus on analyzing performance issues, not waste time swimming through a sea of processes and data. The N|Solid Console provides intuitive visualizations that scale to hundreds of processes and hosts. Combined with your APM solution, N|Solid provides a complete view of your application performance.

N|Solid v1.2

Challenges of Scale

Monitoring Node is straightforward when managing a small number of processes spread across a few hosts but can become unwieldy in larger environments. Quickly drilling down to find relevant data in environments with hundreds of processes and hosts is challenging. Command-line tools and simple graphs don't offer a straightforward experience for finding performance outliers.

Solving for Node at Scale with N|Solid v1.2

N|Solid Console

N|Solid complements APM solutions by providing a granular, high-frequency view of your Node application as well as the underlying runtime and host. To do so, the N|Solid Console was specifically designed to provide an intuitive drill-down experience for monitoring performance across your entire Node environment. The Cluster view provides a live scatterplot of CPU and memory utilization, across your application’s services, that enables visual identification of individual process outliers. Once identified, application profiling data is a few clicks away.

Flexible Tagging and Filtering

With the N|Solid v1.2 release, users are able to assign multiple, user-defined tags to every process. These tags can be used as filters in the N|Solid Console Cluster view to quickly provide focus when triaging performance issues. Users are able to tag processes with additional identifiers relating to an application’s role, hosting environment, development or production area or any attribute that would aid rapid identification. In addition, processes can be filtered by hostname, process title and process ID (PID) to easily create a subset of processes from a much larger environment, greatly shortening process selection time.

StatsD Integration

Broad availability of metrics and ease of access is critical for managing production environments. N|Solid v1.2 adds StatsD integration that makes it simple to surface N|Solid process and system metrics into your existing monitoring system. Metrics are reported for all applications and processes through a single aggregated connection, individual process configuration is not required. The ability to integrate with existing monitoring solutions provides deeper context for teams managing large environments with minimal configuration.

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