EOL of NodeSource Docker Images for io.js, v5, Lucid, Saucy and Utopic

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Lights Out: EOL of NodeSource Docker Images for io.js, v5, Lucid, Saucy and Utopic

For nearly two years, NodeSource has shipped regular updates to the underlying operating system for point releases of Node.js. This allows Node.js developers to pin their Docker images to an explicit version of Node.js while being provided an image with an up-to-date operating system.

io.js was EOLed (End of Life) with the creation of Node.js v4. Node.js v5 has now reached EOL, as well. Additionally, Ubuntu Lucid, Saucy, and Utopic have all reached EOL. Today, we are discontinuing support for these Node.js versions and OS distributions.

At NodeSource, we are committed to maintaining support for all current Node.js LTS releases through the full maintenance window, in line with the Node.js LTS Policy. In addition to Node.js LTS support, we maintain releases for all supported Operating System distributions aligned with their respective official support windows.

The list of repositories and tags we are declaring as EOL as of today:

  • io.js v1
  • io.js v2
  • io.js v3
  • Node.js v5
  • Ubuntu Lucid
  • Ubuntu Saucy
  • Ubuntu Utopic

Migration Path

If you are pinned to an image that follows any of the discontinued io.js, Node.js, or distribution releases, we strongly recommend you upgrade to the most recent LTS release available.

  • Node.js Migration: We suggest you pin to :4, :4.4 or :4.4.7 with the image for your desired distribution.

  • Distribution Migration: We suggest you use the nodesource/xenial image pinned to your choice of Node.js.

  • Node.js and Distribution Migration: If both the version of Node.js and the distribution release you rely on have reached EOL, we suggest pinning to nodesource/xenial:4. This migration path will pin you to the longest support cycle for both respective projects.

NodeSource Docker Images EOL policy

NodeSource actively maintains Docker images for all of our supported distribution releases until they reach EOL as determined by the upstream project. As such, today NodeSource is discontinuing support for the Ubuntu Lucid, Saucy, and Utopic Docker images.

For the Node.js project, we actively maintain a Docker image for all major, minor, and patch releases (per semver) for all major release numbers actively supported by the upstream project (per the Node.js LTS release cycle). Today, that means we are discontinuing support for the io.js images, Node.js v5.

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