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Hello, NodeSource

Today marks the beginning of NodeSource, a professional Node.js software company. NodeSource delivers high caliber products, services and education that match the business requirements of Fortune 500 companies while maintaining the value and developer-centric focus that has made Node.js and the Node Community what it is today.

NodeSource is founded and led by Dan Shaw and Joe McCann, bringing together the people-forward focus and deep technical insight with rock solid business principles and incredible market vision. NodeSource has assembled an elite leadership team with Chris Williams heading up our Professional Services and Rod Vagg leading a world class, and worldwide, engineering team. Chris has been a tireless leader in the JavaScript community, having spawned an entire generation of conferences with the work that he's put in creating JSConf and six other conferences. He is a process superstar and has extensive experience in addressing the mission critical needs of business and government. Rod Vagg is a key contributor in the Node community having launched the LevelDB/Nodebase ecosystem that is transforming the way we look at local data in Node, he guides the efforts around Workshopper and NAN, which powers the most important native code extensions for Node.js applications consequently driving installations with industry leaders.

To the Enterprise and Beyond

Node.js as a first class technology solution has exceeded industry and market expectations and established a solid business case for its use. With a proven track record of enabling high performance deployments in a fraction of the time to market, Node has captured the interest of enterprise companies. The NodeSource team has been leading efforts to address the unique needs of these customers and is actively working to extend that reach beyond the Enterprise into areas where adopting Open Source software is traditionally challenging.

Node.js at Scale

Our background with some of the largest Node.js deployments has helped us identify unique solutions to address the complex needs inherent to deploying. One mantra of technical Cofounder/CEO, Dan Shaw is, "Shipping code wins." Our product offerings are dedicated to helping companies realize this. N|Ship, currently in private beta, enables highly predictable and traceable deployments to the cloud or your own datacenter.

One key component of a successful Node.js deployment is managing project dependencies. Through our strategic partnership with npm, Inc we are happy to be able to offer npm Plus, an on-premise solution that directly addresses the package management needs of massive Node.js deployments.

Global Markets, Global Coverage

NodeSource was founded with "Distributed by Design" at the heart of everything we do. We have brought together the best and brightest of our industry and built our business around being wherever those unique individuals are and where the unique needs of our customers need us to be. From San Francisco to Singapore, we literally work around the clock and around the globe.

The Node Ecosystem and Your Success

NodeSource is dedicated to creating a sustainable ecosystem for Node.js. We aim to drive and expand market adoption of Node by providing Node.js software products that empower businesses, government and the enterprise to use Node most effectively. Our products are backed by our industry-defining educational services and support to provide the additional lift needed in many organizations. We look forward to hearing from you how we can help you on your next project. Our mission is your success.

The NodeSource platform offers a high-definition view of the performance, security and behavior of Node.js applications and functions.

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