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Hello, EnterpriseJS

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JavaScript, and Node.js in particular, has transformed the way applications are built, making it possible for enterprises to break apart their monolithic applications into manageable, scalable, and highly adaptable components. Successfully navigating this transformation can be challenging. JavaScript and Node.js are differentiated from the many other platforms due to the fact that so much of the ecosystem has evolved in the “Age of GitHub” where collaboration and more importantly communication are first-class citizens. This transformation is spreading and scaling like never before. The realities of the enterprise are unique. We are building this community to share that experience.

EnterpriseJS is a community, coalition, and event series for enterprise JavaScript developers. The goal of EnterpriseJS is to grow the adoption of JavaScript in the enterprise by giving a platform to JavaScript developers in large organizations to share experiences, lessons learned, and best practices with peers.

NodeDay is Every Day

NodeDay was created out of a desire to foster even more community in the burgeoning enterprise space around Node.js. In Fall 2013, we were gathering together for NodeSummit. This was the first real reunion of the emerging enterprise JavaScript trend. NodeSummit 2013 featured the big revelation that PayPal had bet big on Node.js and the impact was huge. F5 Networks, MasterCard, and CAA joined PayPal in throwing their hats in the Enterprise commitment to Node.js. We came away from NodeSummit energized and wanting for more! That’s when NodeDay was born. NodeDay was created as an open event put on for the enterprise by the enterprise. Bill Scott and the team at PayPal together with the help of the NodeSource team created the first ever one-day conference focused on enterprise Node.js. It was a huge success with a sell out crowd.

We repeated the success and extended the model in December 2014 with NodeDay at Intuit. The open event model was embraced even further. Intuit, PayPal, Netflix and NodeSource came together together with peers throughout the industry to share what we’ve learned. Together we knew that we needed to do more. Semi-annual deep dives are important, but there was a continued need to share and build a community that’s available worldwide and exists async. Thus the seeds were sown for EnterpriseJS.

To Node.js and Beyond

Node.js provides the foundation and coming together point for EnterpriseJS, but we very purposefully extended the scope of how large-scale JavaScript is being deployed to extend beyond the server-side. Much of the time Node.js initiatives are providing the backend to equally large-scale frontend initiatives. The unique challenges of the enterprise include: “what framework choices allow diverse teams to work best together,” “how do you balance forcing consistency while still enabling the vibrant developer ethics of JavaScript,” “how do you deliver a rich user experience?”. Node.js is typically driving these platform choices, but is not a direct dependency.

Ultimately, it’s all JavaScript. JavaScript is powering the experiences we deliver to browsers, to mobile, to desktop platforms, to device platforms. Our runtime VMs are modern and fast. We are constantly leveling up the complexity and constraints of the devices we are working to deliver experiences to. These experiences are now being delivered directly to TVs (10 foot devices), consoles and embedded devices.

We are EnterpriseJS

EnterpriseJS is a community for sharing the challenges and successes of building, deploying and maintaining JavaScript at scale. Together we have to consider how AB Testing, internationalization, template translation, and server-side vs client-side vs every-side rendering. EnterpriseJS, the blog, serves as a sharing platform for how we solve these problems. EnterpriseJS, the meetup, brings us together regularly to present new solutions and spark fresh discussions. We are EnterpriseJS. If you are too, we’d love to have you join us. Contact us at info@enterprisejs.io.

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