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5 Great Talks from Node.js Interactive 2016

Last year, we went down to Node.js Interactive North America in Austin, Texas for two days of Node.js talks, workshops, and community. With this year's Node.js Interactive North America just around the corner, we wanted to share some of our favorite talks with you from last year to get hyped for October.

There were a ton of great talks, but I've pulled five of my favorites, covering everything from beginner JS developer to VM mathematics to ecosystem analysis. Enjoy!

A Beginner’s Guide To Reading Node.js Core Source by Rich Trott, UC San Francisco

Contributing to Node.js can seem a bit scary before you start doing it. Node.js is a large project with many users, from individuals to corporations. In his talk, Rich Trott gives a pretty fantastic introduction on how you can start contributing today in a condensed talk that’ll get you up and running with contributing in no time.

Best Practices using TypeScript with Node.js by Bryan Hughes, Microsoft

TypeScript is becoming a more and more common tool for developers moving from typed languages like Java over to JavaScript and Node.js. In his talk, Bryan Hughes went over some of the best practices for beginning to use TypeScript at scale across an organization.

Growing Up Node by Trevor Livingston, HomeAway

Trevor Livingston has experience in scaling up an org from zero to success with Node.js at PayPal and HomeAway, and as such has great insight into how to make Node.js grow from the inside of an org.

In this talk, he shared some of his experience to help those beginning the journey of maturing Node.js as a core piece of infrastructure - both for your team and your code.

Math in V8 is Broken and How We Can Fix It by Athan Reines, Fourier

In this talk, Athan Reines shared his experience with Math in V8 and some of the failings of the JavaScript language, and its implementation in V8, when it comes to extremely precise math.

This is an interesting and unique talk that I enjoyed because of just how many quirks it exposed in parts of JavaScript that I normally consider stable and standard.

Athan also shared his work on stdlib, a library for high-performance math in JavaScript which addresses some of the issues he talked about.

Node.js & ChakraCore by Arunesh Chandra, Microsoft

ChakraCore has become a growingly important piece of the Node.js puzzle, truly furthering a suite of issues around stability and neutrality at the VM level. In this talk, Arunesh Chandra discusses the story of ChakraCore from its origin in Microsoft Edge, and moved on to its growth into Node.js as a key part of driving the N-API.

State of the Union: Node.js by Rod Vagg, NodeSource

In his talk, Rod Vagg gave an update from the Node.js TSC about how Node.js was doing in terms of growth since 2015. In this presentation, he exposed an interesting and new trend: growth over the 100% year-over-year growth we’ve typically seen with Node.js.

Going into this year’s Node.js Interactive, Rod’s presentation shares a lot of context to have to compare with what we hear about this year.

One last thing...

We're heading off to Node.js Interactive 2017 in the first few days of October! If you're planning on being there, but haven't snagged a ticket yet, be sure to use NI20NSC17 as a discount code to get 20% off your tickets.

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