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EnterpriseJS Sails into San Francisco

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At NodeSource, we are really excited about the upcoming EnterpriseJS evening event in San Francisco on July 7. On any given day, we can read about the great things being done with JavaScript and get a little bit more energized about our own efforts. But, we don’t often get a chance to stand face to face with fellow JavaScript professionals that are slaying dragons in the enterprise with JavaScript and Node.js.

Enterprise.js SFBay promises to provide that rare glimpse behind the scenes of some truly heroic enterprise JavaScript implementations, told from the point of view of someone who has been deeply involved in their success. The event will feature three amazing talks followed by 45 minute birds-of-a-feather sessions with each speaker.

Ryan Stevens from Lending Club has firsthand experience in choosing the right approach for using, adapting or building frameworks for large scale Node projects and creating the organizations that deliver them. He’ll go through his thought process on how design choices, developer behaviors, and shiny new things affect decision making on frameworks. His take: Go Ahead, Roll Your Own Framework. Are you considering which JavaScript framework to use or whether to build your own? Choose the frameworks birds-of-a-feather deep dive before the talks start.

Yunong Xiao from Netflix has implemented and supported Node.js services at a mind-boggling scale. He’ll share some details on tooling, methodology and making their Node stack both observable and resilient. Think tens of millions of subscribers. Think binge watching. Think Observable Node.js Applications at Scale. Choose the observability birds-of-a-feather to walk through demos and dive deeper into the the techniques being used at Netflix for building observable applications.

Sameera Rao from PayPal will discuss how PayPal delivers mass customization of the user experience through the delivery of JavaScript widgets. Several widgets may cohabitate a single page or are integrated within other pages. This creates a massive logistical headache where you must consider module design in a hostile environment. He’s been Building Third Party JavaScript with KrakenJS and React. If you’re building third-party JS, deploying Node.js at scale or using React, then you definitely want to join the third-party JS birds-of-a-feather.

Finally, I have the pleasure of serving as Master of Ceremonies for the evening and the NodeSource team has been helping to organize and sponsor the event along with our EnterpriseJS Coalition partners at Intuit and PayPal. Join us for an evening of JavaScript, Node.js, food and drink at Adobe’s San Francisco office:

EnterpriseJS SFBay
Tuesday, July 7, 2015
5:30pm - 9:00pm
Adobe campus

601 Townsend St

San Francisco CA 94103

Register now. All proceeds from the event will be going to Girls Who Code. We’re hoping girls who code will code Node.

See you in San Francisco!

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