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Differences between N|Solid SaaS and On-Prem

When should I use N|Solid SaaS?

N|Solid SaaS is focused on small and medium-sized companies that want to start monitoring their Node.js processes.

N|Solid SaaS Runs on our servers. It requires communication with our infrastructure, and we control it. You don’t need to install anything, and you can configure your processes with only three simple steps.

There are three options for your SaaS plan, and you can choose the one that works best for your needs:

  1. You can have three users and monitor 4 Node.js processes per month.
  2. Or five users and monitor 8 Node.js processes per month.
  3. If you have a bigger team managing multiple processes, you can have eight users monitoring 12 processes per month!

When should I use N|Solid On-Prem?

N|Solid On-Prem focuses on large-scale enterprises that have hundreds or thousands of Node.js processes deployed, one or more applications, or have multiple JavaScript teams and require a custom quote.

N|Solid On-Prem runs in your infrastructure. The networking and communication of the Node.js process are private, and you can work in restricted environments that do not have access to an internet connection. With N|Solid On-Prem you have complete control to install and configure everything you need to access your processes.

N|Solid On-Prem has the unique following features:

  1. Supports C++ API. To learn more about this API check out this blot pogs
  2. StatsD and influxDB integrations
  3. Node.js and N|Solid Support 24/7
  4. Training

Need a helping hand?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@nodesource.com or in this form.

To get the best out of Node.js, start a free trial of N|Solid, an augmented version of the Node.js runtime, enhanced to deliver low-impact performance insights and greater security for mission-critical Node.js applications. #KnowyourNode

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