Nodesource Brings arm64 Support to its Node.js Binary Distributions

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NodeSource Brings arm64 Support to its Node.js Binary Distributions

NodeSource is excited to announce support for the aarch64 (ARM 64-bit) architecture in Enterprise Linux based distributions! It includes:

  • CentOS
  • Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®
  • Fedora
  • Amazon Linux
  • CloudLinux

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In the last decade x86_64 was the dominant architecture in Enterprise Linux based distributions, but since 2018 there has been a significant increase in arm64 downloads. Also, big tech companies such as Apple and Amazon are adopting the arm64 processor. Apple recently announced that the new Macbook Pro will be equipped with the arm64, and Amazon has released new servers that allows migrating to arm64 architecture.

The wide adoption of the arm architectures by companies of all sizes in different industries, is facilitating its growth in usage and distribution.


This is important because an arm-based architecture has a higher degree of stability and performance and less cost. Many companies are adopting it for this better cost/benefit ratio and freedom to customize. In the following years, it is expected that arm-based architecture will continue its growth in adoption and will become the dominant architecture in Enterprise Linux based distributions.

NodeSource is excited to support arm64 in Enterprise Linux based distributions and its users, following this overall trend in the market.

To check out the current supported distributions and versions, please visit:

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