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Announcing N|Solid 3.1

We're excited to announce that N|Solid 3.1 has shipped with a suite of enhancements to our existing feature set.

Today's release introduces a brand new heap snapshot diffing tool, new security configurations for heap snapshot data, enhanced visualization options for the scatterplot view, and support for customer-managed InfluxDB instances.

Improvements to Heap Snapshots with N|Solid

We are very proud to announce that Cross-Process Snapshot Diffing is now available in the N|Solid Console. In previous versions of N|Solid, heap snapshots were easily generated, but much – if not all – of the interpretation was left to the engineers.

Suppose an application has two states: a healthy control state, and an experimental state in which a suspected memory leak is occurring. Provided that these states are captured in two different processes, cross-process snapshot diffing can now compare these two memory profiles directly in the Console, enabling significant improvements in time to resolution for memory issues in your Node.js applications.

snapshot diff

At NodeSource, we work tirelessly to incorporate customer feedback into our product development. Enterprise companies often handle personally identifiable and otherwise sensitive information; in some cases, security and compliance concerns have prevented some of our customers from being able to effectively use our heap snapshot tooling because of how thoroughly it captures memory data. To remedy this, N|Solid users can now generate Redacted Snapshots that redact any sensitive string information as the snapshot is being generated.

Logarithmic and Exponential Scaling for Scatterplot Axes

The axes of the scatterplot view of the N|Solid Console can now also be set to render on logarithmic or exponential scaling, providing finer resolution between processes that may otherwise be difficult to disambiguate.

Support for Customer-Managed InfluxDB Instances

Until this release, N|Solid Console data was NodeSource-managed and only stored in local InfluxDB instances. This was a pain point for some of our users who wanted more control over their data infrastructure. To accommodate these data needs, N|Solid can now be configured to allow customer-managed InfluxDB instances to manage this console data instead.

New to N|Solid?

If you’ve never tried N|Solid, now's a great time to give it a shot. N|Solid is a drop-in replacement for the Node.js runtime that has been enhanced to address the needs of the Enterprise. N|Solid provides meaningful insights into the runtime process, including application performance and known vulnerability monitoring.

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