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Announcing a New N|Solid Integration: AppDynamics

We’re excited to share something entirely new for N|Solid. Today, we’re announcing a deep integration between N|Solid and AppDynamics, allowing users of AppDynamics to consume the unique, rich metrics we provide with N|Solid.

What Does N|Solid + AppDynamics Bring?

With N|Solid, we’ve been able to build out a unique set of metrics because of our approach. Instead of sitting inside the event loop as an npm module, N|Solid is a unique mix of components outside the event loop that enable us to collect unparalleled telemetry from Node.js applications.

AppDynamics provides first-class services and tooling around application intelligence, and is a key tool in many business and enterprise toolsets to collect and understand end-to-end performance data.

As such, an integration bridging the metrics we at NodeSource have built out in N|Solid with the application intelligence that AppDynamics provides is a simple win for businesses that need deep and detailed insights into their Node.js applications at scale.

Consume Node.js Metrics from N|Solid in AppDynamics

With today’s announcement, users of AppDynamics will be able to natively consume a suite of advanced Node.js telemetry which N|Solid provides, such as key metrics for Node.js developers like async activity.

Consuming metrics from N|Solid in AppDynamics

These metrics can be fed directly from the N|Solid Runtime into AppDynamics dashboard, and supplement the basic Node.js metrics that AppDynamics already provides, giving a more rich story about your applications and services and enabling faster resolution of issues both in development and in production.

New to NodeSource N|Solid?

If you’ve never tried N|Solid and use AppDynamics, right now is the perfect time to try it out. N|Solid is a fully compatible Node.js runtime that has been enhanced to address the needs of the Enterprise, providing meaningful insights into the runtime process and the underlying systems.

N|Solid provides powerful functionality for monitoring and securing Node.js at massive scale, across your entire environment. Visualize the performance of hundreds of processes across multiple hosts. We provide intuitive monitoring of your application performance so you can focus on your application’s performance, not swim through an endless sea of data.

As always, we’re happy to hear your thoughts - feel free to get in touch with our team or reach out to us on Twitter at @nodesource.

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