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Let’s Celebrate Earth Day! #NodeForest 🌳

We continually receive news about the impact we have on the environment, climate change is something that will impact all of us and we @NodeSource want to do our part. As our collective “carbon footprint” continues to expand, everyone must seek out ways to reduce and help improve our world. That's why we created an initiative we call "NodeForest."

NodeForest is a program where we will plant and care for a tree for each customer and team member. This includes all customers who purchase Enterprise N|solid, N|Solid SaaS or leverage our consulting services to support every stage of their Node.js journey.

We are planting the trees in Colombia, where several of our NodeSource team members live, in Antioquia, near Medellin, the second-largest city. We are proud to be a company built on a global, distributed team, having this program take place in Colombia is also a way for us to celebrate our global team.

In addition, we are committed to reducing waste in our company. This has been a longstanding effort for us as we utilize our products, services and amazing team to accomplish this. One of the most important ways our customers gain value from N|Solid is by solving performance issues that can have a massive impact on cloud and server usage, costing time, money, and wasted energy use.

Another is how we have rearchitected our own infrastructure to run more efficiently. This includes our platform for distributing the open-source Node.js binaries with nearly 10m (and growing) downloads each month. Our amazing infra team has reduced our cloud use by 75% by using more intelligent, automated processes and maximizing efficiencies while maintaining uptime and performance.

We believe we can be a part of the solution, not simply contribute to the problem. Please join us in our effort to build a more sustainable digital life, let’s all do our part!

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