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Node + JS Meetups near you: EUROPE

One of the best ways of improving your Node.js and JavaScript knowledge is to go to meetups and conferences where people with different levels of expertise share their insights about interesting features, technologies, methodologies, frameworks, and tips for troubleshooting. Not only that, you can meet amazing people that can deeply impact your life, create connections, find a new job, or find new friends.

Following our previous article about Node.js and JavaScript conferences you should attend in 2019, here is a list of the best conferences and meetups that you should attend in Europe.


MadridJS they like programming, are passionate about JavaScript and they live in Madrid. If you have two of these three things, go to the meetup, or better yet: send a proposal!

Node.js Madrid this meetup of +3.600 members, meets every two months, to talk about Node.js and various aspects of the Node.js ecosystem.

BarcelonaJS is a user group focused on JavaScript and related topics. They meet regularly every month.

Ironhack Madrid this group is focused on encouraging people who want to learn how to program or learn UX design. They meet every week.

Ironhack Barcelona this group to help people to take the first steps in programming and design. They meet every week.

KeepCoding KeepCoding is a high-performance training center in programming and technology, meeting twice per month.

Open Source Weekends is a community of people passionate about technology. They meet one Saturday a month, organize workshops and collaborate on open source projects.

Hackcolab They aim to represent, inspire, support, and help lead the Barcelona technology community. They focus primarily on Node, vanilla JavaScript, on Vue, Angular, React, HTML, and CSS. Meeting every two months.


BerlinJS is a group focused on JavaScript and related topics. They meet regularly on the 3rd Thursday each month.

Node.js Berlin In this group they focus on the server side Node.js. They meet every two months.

Women Who Code Berlin WWC is the largest and most active community of engineers dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. They meet every week.

Berlin Hack and Tell in this meetup you have 5 minutes to show off your tool, hack, library, (or anything else you’ve been working on). After you present, it's an open forum where the audience will ask questions and provide feedback. This group hosts meetings once a month.

Hannoverjs is a user group focused on JavaScript and related topics, meeting up once a month.

Stuttgart JS hosting regular workshops and tech talks on a variety of different JavaScript topics. They meet up once a month.

Web Engineering Düsseldorf A meetup for everyone who has an interest in Web Engineering. Including everything like JavaScript, Go(lang),SQL, Frontend, Agile project management, computer science, and databases. They meet every month.


Paris.js is a user group of +5.200 members focused on Javascript and related topics, meeting up once a month.

Node.js Paris Node.js + Javascript + Paris = ♥ Is a group of enthusiastic developers, specialized in Javascript and more specific in Node.js, meeting up once a month.

ReactJS and React Native Paris is an open, dynamic Reactive community. They get together to talk about React.js, React Native, including Redux, GraphQL, Relay, React Motion, meeting up once a month.

FranceJS FranceJS is all the Francophone communities around JavaScript. They have multiple meetups every week.

AngularJS Paris is a group focused on AngularJS and Angular 2. They meet up once a month. Ironhack Paris is group focused on Web Development and UX/UI Design. They meet every week.

formation développeur web Paris by 3W Academy this group is for people curious about the web, wanting to deepen their knowledge. They often talk about Node.js and JavaScript Meeting multiple times every week.


London JavaScript Community is a group for all the JavaScript developers that are interested to learn more about JavaScript, share development experiences or techniques and why not, find new friends, meeting once or twice a month.

JS Monthly This meetup group aims to bring you monthly bite-sized updates on the world of Javascript, meeting up every month.

London Node.js User Group is A friendly monthly meetup for people using Node.js for fun or profit.

The JS Roundabout Tech enthusiasts with a passion for all things JavaScript meet once a month focusing purely on JavaScript.

EdinburghJS is a casual event, presenting short talks and a chance for discussion with other local JavaScripters.

Skills Matter they organize talks, meetups, hackathons, conferences, courses and any other type of gathering that helps the community to write better software. Meeting multiple times every week.

Women Who Code London this group of +5.500 members, is the largest and most active community of engineers dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers.

CodeUp Manchester is a learner-led monthly meetup for people learning how to code, meeting up the second Monday of every month.

Kodiri they have periodic meetups to talk about technology and digital business opportunities. They meet every month.


DublinJS is a developer group for anyone interested in Javascript in Ireland. All skill levels are welcome and they meet once a month.

Dublin Node.js Meetup is a monthly meetup for all things Node.js located in Dublin.

Women Who Code Dublin Women Who Code is the largest and most active community of engineers dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers located in Dublin. Meeting up once a month.

NodeSchool Dublin This is a group dedicated to teaching people how to programme in javascript, focused on Node.js, meeting up once every two months.

CorkJS is a monthly meet-up for Corkonians to hang out and discuss all things JavaScript, located in Cork, Ireland.

Dublin TypeScript Meetup TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. In this meetup, they talk about related topics of JavaScript, Node.js, React, meeting up once a month.


RomaJS is a JavaScript User Group based in the city of Roma, Italy, meeting up every two months.

BolognaJS Bologna JS is a group of Javascript enthusiasts from Bologna and the surrounding area. Meeting once a month.

Milano Frontend is a group for anyone interested in front-end web development, often including JavaScript topics. They meet the last Tuesday of every month.

DevDay Salerno is a JavaScript and Node.js community in Salerno, meeting up once a month.


ViennaJS is a meetup about JavaScript and sharing your experience. They talk about client- and server-side JavaScript, React, Angular, Node.js, and CommonJS. Meeting up once a month.

React Vienna is a user group to learn more about React, JavaScript, and front-end development in general. Meeting up once a month.

Women && Code is a meetup every two weeks in Vienna for women who are just getting started with code.

Salzburg Web Dev is a meetup for people interested in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Rails, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB and other cutting-edge web technologies in both frontend and backend. Meeting twice every month.


JavaScript Lab Belgium is a meetup where people can talk, meet and share their knowledge to bring their JavaScript skills to the next level. Meeting every two months.

Full Stack Antwerp is a meetup of front end, back end, devops and everything in between in the city of Antwerp. Meeting up once every month.


CopenhagenJS is a monthly meetup group about JavaScript and all web technologies. It is a group focused on community building and sharing information.

Copenhagen Node.js is a user group for Node.js developers in the Copenhagen area. The topic of our events might change from event to event, meeting up every two months.


Webmardi is a free and monthly meetup about the Web for amateurs and professionals in the west part of Switzerland. Meetings take place on the first Tuesday of the month.

Angular Zürich is the Angular meetup in Zürich. They have fun learning, sharing, coding and building cool apps, and meet once a month.

Women Techmakers Switzerland provides visibility, community, and resources for women in technology to drive innovation and participation in the field. Meeting once a month.

Zürich ReactJS Meetup is the meetup in Zürich for people interested in React, meeting every two months.


Istanbul Coders is a meetup for Software Craftsmanship, Agile movement, DevOps movement, and Continuous Delivery, meeting once a month.

Frontend Istanbul is a group for anyone interested in front-end web development, often including JavaScript topics. Meeting once or twice a month.

JSTANBUL is the Istanbul JavaScript User Group for people who are interested in JavaScript and connected technologies. They meet every two months.


AmsterdamJS is the largest and longest-running JavaScript meetup in town; they meet every two months.


require('lx') is the JavaScript meetup in Lisbon, server-side and client-side, meeting up once a month.


GreeceJS A bi-monthly celebration and exploration of the JavaScript programming language. This is a place to share knowledge, ask questions, learn and grumble.

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