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Announcing new NSolid Releases - v3.5.1, v3.5.2, v3.6.0

Over the last two weeks, we have had three releases: NSolid 3.5.1, NSolid 3.5.2 and NSolid 3.6.0, and a corresponding Lambda Layer for (NSolid 3.6.0). The releases are built on top of each other to provide users with better rollback capability and introduce security fixes and feature additions.

What’s included?

The NSolid 3.5.1, NSolid 3.5.2 and NSolid 3.6.0 releases introduced a series of security fixes, feature additions, and changes. The security release fixes an important Denial of Service Attack bug that existed in Node.js and is a highly recommended update for all users. Fixes include “Date Dribble”, “Ping Flood”, “Resource Loop”, and many other vulnerabilities have been fixed. (For more details visit

NSolid 3.5.1

This security release for the NSolid Carbon and Dubnium release lines include security fixes that were introduced with Node.js v12.8.2

NSolid 3.5.2

This release covers the following Node.js Versions

  • Node.js 8.16.1 (Carbon),
  • Node.js 10.16.3 (Dubnium)

InfluxDB updates

Additionally with NSolid 3.5.2, we updated the InfluxDB version from v1.4.3 to v1.7.7. This update enables better performance associated with the latest updates from v1.7.7. It increases the console's capability to track a higher number of processes simultaneously.

NSolid 3.6.0

v3.6.0 includes fixes to further improve performance and reduce overhead of metrics collection.

This release covers the following Node.js Versions

  • Node.js 8.16.1 (Carbon),
  • Node.js 10.16.3 (Dubnium)
  • Node.js 12.7.0 (Erbium *experimental)

IMPORTANT: As Node.js 12 continues to evolve, NodeSource is working on integrating the latest Node.js features with the changes that are being introduced as Erbium is moving towards LTS. To help customers explore, test and prepare to adopt Node.js 12 once it goes LTS, NodeSource has included Node.js Erbium v12.7.0 in both NSolid 3.5.2 and NSolid 3.6.0 builds. The addition of Node.js Erbium, as and when possible, in our latest NSolid releases remains experimental and will not be fully supported until a later NSolid release, once Erbium goes LTS.

Some of the latest changes in Node.js Erbium v12.8.2 have been comprehensive in nature. While these updates have been reflected in Dubnium and Carbon, we continue to address these security fixes in Erbium. We expect to add the experimental Erbium Node.js V12.8.2 updates within the coming weeks. Once available Node.js Erbium V12.8.2 will replace Erbium V12.7.0 in the current NSolid 3.5.1 and NSolid 3.6.0 release lines. No adjustments are expected for N|Solid 3.5.2 and NSolid 3.6.0’s Carbon and Dubnium release lines.

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