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Happy #26 Anniversary JavaScript!

On the 26th anniversary of JavaScript, it's hard to fully measure the impact of this "open-source, cross-platform language for enterprise networks and the internet." It has transformed the landscape of computing by becoming the top language in development. Its community has grown significantly and taken a vital role in the evolution and, of course, support of JavaScript. It's a tremendous achievement!

To help celebrate the 26th anniversary of JavaScript, we have a big announcement to share at the end of this post.

First, we'd like to share why this event is important to us!

@NodeSource has participated in supporting the runtime of Node.js, which has had a significant impact on the expansion and use of JavaScript. We have had a front-row seat to the explosion in the use of JavaScript as we are the primary distributor of the open-source Node.js project.

We power over 100k downloads of the Node.js runtime each month, with every year more downloads than the last. It's a massive effort that we are proud to support every runtime update, including security updates, because we are powering the globe with this amazing platform.

In the beginning, we only dreamed that JavaScript and the Node.js runtime would be so valued, used in so many ways by so many developers that we would exceed over a million downloads in a year. Today that dream is a reality as we see the runtime continue its incredible growth. We have also supported the open-source project with our Node experts, contributing to the core and supporting the foundation.

This commitment to the Node.js project and the community is a key part of our company. We have built the best Node.js APM, N|Solid, and continue to bring value to developers by helping them build better software more securely with the best performance. We are often asked to consult with organizations to help design their Node.js architecture, find solutions to performance or security issues, and share best practices or train dev teams. We are thankful to be a part of this fantastic community that has had so much impact.



To commemorate the 26th anniversary of JavaScript, we will plant a tree for every new N|Solid customer! So not only will organizations and developers have the best tool to help make the most performant and secure software, but they will also make an impact by reducing our digital footprint!

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