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Why use N|Solid?

  • Harden Node.js with package monitoring, policies, and 24-hour security response.
  • Performant Node.js applications with CPU profiling, heap snapshots, and async activity.
  • Extend Node.js with thresholds, real-time metrics, and monitoring integrations.
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N|Solid is a fully compatible Node.js runtime that has been enhanced to address the needs of the enterprise.

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Protect your Node.js applications with N|Solid's package vulnerability monitoring, customizable security policies, and 24-hour guaranteed response to security updates in the core Node.js project.


Production threshold and process monitoring for your Node applications provide understanding of application issues.


Built-in CPU profiling and heap snapshots allow for instant analysis and swift resolution of application-threatening issues.

Event loop delay alerts provide detailed stack trace information to pinpoint the source of delays, preventing potential outages before they happen.


N|Solid exports data using StatsD, meaning it can be used as a data source for a bunch of metrics aggregators like DataDog, Amazon CloudWatch, Google StackDriver, Graphite and many more.

Native integration with AppDynamics offers access to the advanced Node.js metrics provided by N|Solid directly in the AppDynamics dashboard.

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