N|Solid Telemetry FAQ

What type of data is transmitted?

The telemetry functionality in N|Solid measures and collects aggregated non-personal information, such as feature usage and platform resource consumption.

How does NodeSource use the data that is collected?

Application usage data can give our Support team valuable information when diagnosing and resolving issues. Usage data also helps us understand how N|Solid is used, which allows us to continue to make a better product.

Is Telemetry enabled by default?

Yes, N|Solid will begin sending summary data periodically as soon as an active license key is associated with an instance.

Can users change their mind and disable Telemetry later?

The Console may be configured to run in offline mode, which will disable telemetry. Please note that certain features, including updates to security vulnerability checking, will not function in offline mode. A valid license is required to use N|Solid, regardless of your individual configuration settings.

How is it transmitted?

The N|Solid Console will send telemetry data over HTTP and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to a NodeSource service.

What are the privacy implications?

NodeSource takes user privacy very seriously. More information about our privacy practices can be found here